strangers at a bar  

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1/1/2006 3:01 pm

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strangers at a bar

Sitting at the bar, I order another jack and coke. The place nearly empty; to be expected at 2 in the afternoon. Despite the time, it's still dimly lit and smokey. Just like a bar ought to be.

She breezes in like she owns the place. Knee length skirt, light blue blouse, coat jacket and 3 inch heels. She's a healthy gal, not too heavy, not rail thin. Probably early to mid thirties. That walk, that attitude is radiating sexual energy. There's a glow about her, a certain mystery. She glides up to the bar with purpose.

"Barkeep, doubleshot of Mr. Daniels. Make it snappy!" You can almost see the fear in the bartenders eyes. He's not used to dealing with a woman like this. Poor sap is probably trying to study for his midterms and takes the afternoon shift so it'll be quiet.

It's hard to tell if a drink was placed in front of her. All I saw was the empty glass. She sits next to me and asks what I'm drinking. "Jack and coke, but if you'd fit in the glass, I'll start drinking you." The only way to deal with powerful women is to take them head on. She raises her hand. Here it comes, I knew I'd get smacked today.

Her hand lands on my thigh. "Is that so?" she says. I turn to look at her and before I know it, I can taste the sweet sting of a double shot of jack. She's quite skilled in the art of kissing. Gentle massaging tounge, slight suction. Damn I love older women, they know how it's done. She grabs on to my belt and pulls me into the ladies room.

My hand slides over her breasts as she takes off my pants. She's much faster at this than I am. Trying to catch up, I undo the buttons on her shirt. She's already stroking my manhood, getting it ready for work. The buttons come undone but I'm getting impatient, I pull down her black silk bra to expose her nipples. I place my mouth on her nipples and begin to suck them. Gently at first, with my tounge swirling the areola. She moans a little and I can tell she's warming up. I bite down. She yelps a little and groans a little louder.

We kiss again, this time a little deeper, a little more sultry. She pulls away, hikes up her skirt, pulls her panties to one side and sits on top of the water basin of the toilet bowl. Her legs open to the sides, one resting on the toilet paper dispenser, one higher up on a coat hanger. I stradle the bowl and slide my erection into her moist femininity. With every stroke, she groans and flexes her legs. The steel dividers of the bathroom stall twist and shake. "Harder, harder" she moans between breaths. I grab her breast again and pound her harder. I can feel her orgasm building steam. Every few of my strokes is accompanied by a contraction of her womanhood. Soft a first, but slowly becoming more apparent. She's riding the first wave.

As I notice she's getting close, I throw off the rythim just a little. I pause slightly before driving it deep. She looks up, a little puzzled and a little pissed. I ram it home. Her expression turns to delight. Her legs stiffen up and knock the toilet paper dispenser off the wall. She wraps that leg around behind me, pulling me into her. She holds her breath. She's close now. She wraps her other leg around me. They're squeezing me into her. She gasps in a breath and then holds it. She looks up, mouth open, not breathing. Then she lets it go. I feel her contracting around my stiff cock. She breathes deeply. Her legs relax.

With a coy smile, she pushes me back. "Thanks, I needed that." She starts buttoning up her shirt. Stunned, but not altogether surprised, I put my clothes back on as well.

"So, do you want to hook up later?" I ask.
"No, I've got to go home to my husband, but I always take lunch break at 2 PM..."

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1/6/2006 5:57 pm

I agree with mizzkitka, but a hot story anyway

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5/20/2006 2:22 am

i just came

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