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1/4/2006 7:12 pm

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bad movie

We're sitting in a darkened movie theater. There's not many people around. The movie is predictable, poorly written, and badly directed. We're both hating it, but we paid to see it so we're going to stay for the whole thing. I'm wearing a nice buttoned shirt and slacks. My date is wearing a red buttoned shirt and knee length black skirt. Subtle hints of her black bra peek out from under her shirt.

Feeling adventurous, I place my hand on her knee and turn and look at her. She looks at me and gives me a little peck on the cheek. I start to rub her knee. She's starting to breath a little heavier. I continue to rub my way slowly up her leg. She bites her lip to keep from gasping too loudly. Our eyes meet again, and we kiss more deeply. As my hand gets close to her crotch, she pulls back. Busted. I slowly withdraw my advance back down her leg. She pecks me on the neck and excuses herself to go to the bathroom. I blew it again.

As I sit in the theater by myself I think about how I could have been a little smoother. Next time I guess.

After what seems like an eternity, she returns. That's a nice surprise, I figured she'd be gone for good. As she sits down beside me, she moves her left hand over my crotch. With a coy smile, she drops her panties into my lap as she takes my hand and places it on her knee. I slowly work my way under her skirt and up her leg. Her legs are warm and smooth. Delicate to the touch. She places her arm around me as I continue to work my way up to her crotch. Her legs part a little as I get closer and closer. I can smell her musky scent as my hand brushes against her pubic hair. She's breathing a little more erratically. Wanting to gasp, wanting to moan, but not doing so, out of fear of being caught. She gently begins to kiss my neck. As my hand begins to rub her womanhood, I can feel her tremble. She bites my neck softly to keep from moaning.

I can feel her begin to open up like a blooming flower. Her scent gets stronger, her breathing becomes more heavy. I can feel her wetness as she's inviting my advances. My index finger plunges into her vagina. She throws her head back and bites her lip. I work my finger in deeper and press against the g-spot, right under the pubic bone. She's breathing heavily as gently stroke her in all the right places. I keep pressing and working deeper. She tightens up and grabs my shoulder. As I work my finger, her grip gets harder and harder. She jolts, and I can feel her release my shoulder. I can feel her throbbing begin to quite down. Her breathing slows as the credits roll to the movie and the house lights come up.

We get up from our chairs and I drop her panties on the floor of the movie theater.

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