Love Is Far More Various than Race  

EbonyHnk 37M
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5/3/2006 1:11 am
Love Is Far More Various than Race

Love is far more various than race.
It goes much deeper than a person's skin.
It reaches to the heart, which is the same
In all the human race. It is the name
Of a hundred thousand feelings held within,
Yearning to be consumed in an embrace.

How does one particular embrace
Become more intimate than one's own name?
How of all the humans in this race
Do we find the one whose spirit is the same?
Of course we love to touch our lover's skin,
But what love touches is the soul within.

In marriage we must build one home within
Two hearts, one world in an embrace.
What matters is the will and not the race,
The choice to love what lies beneath the skin.
In every love the choice is just the same;
Without it, love is nothing but a name.

How do we make love more than just a name?
How do we not tire of the skin
We touch every day? In the race
To succeed, how do we keep the embrace
From smothering the passion still within?
How do we make our days not all the same?

Love is the decision to embrace
One body, one soul, one universe, one name.
To give up all we are and have within
And share the world beneath another's skin.
Once we do, the world is not the same:
The love two share enriches the whole race.

This is how love intersects with race:
Humanity is held in your embrace.
Your love will never leave the world the same:
When it looks for peace, it calls your name.
Do not fear the politics of skin:
Choose love each day, and joy will reign within.

Within your love is all you need embrace.
Love caresses skin and values race.
Two in name, you are in love the same.

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