Tuesday already?  

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11/8/2005 2:19 am

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Tuesday already?

Ahhh early Tuesday morning and yet again I am awake, why you ask, well because I am required to be so I can go to work. Should be an interesting day seeing as my right shoulder is still sore from having a 50lb box of cheese fall on it yesterday, at least I didn’t dislocate it this time.
I didn’t sleep very well last night, had a very strange dream and also had too much on my mind, which may seem hard to believe because well I’m me. A friend of mine was better able to explain the workings of the male mind to me last night which is a good thing but also rather surprised me, I never realized part of the alpha male behavior was based on the instinct to have control of a woman during her breeding years, even if said alpha male has no desire to have children. I guess I must attract these type of guys because my physical form, hey now, it’s not my fault I somehow ended up with what a doctor once referred to as “child bearing hips” so I guess I just have to deal with it.
On a side note it’s going to be a busy day for me, first of all I have to work till probably about 10am then I’m meeting a rather nice seeming man from Spain for lunch around 11:30 and later I get to go to the doctor to make sure all my girly bits and pieces are in working order, I may update this this afternoon unless I get home from everything and become a narcoleptic.
I think I may go out for a drink or two tonight seeing as tomorrow is one of two days I don’t have to be up at the ass-crack of dawn…..

house44444 43M

11/9/2005 9:18 pm

hey sexy hope all your doc stuff went ok hope you had a great day

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