Thoughts on sailing  

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1/25/2006 11:11 am

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Thoughts on sailing

So I had to kill my yahell today, it wouldn’t let me clear my lists even though I tried about 5 times to do so, I finally got fed up and said fuck it and created a new account on there so hopefully I can survive without the 350 people that were on the old one.

Today was also my first day back to work after my vacation and it wasn’t actually too bad because luckily it was a short day and no one was screaming- including me. I really liked my vacation in fact the only thing that could’ve been better than one week off would be two weeks off, but I cant afford to do that.

On a happy note looks like I may actually be able to go to Michigan at the end of next month, which should be in the very least interesting.

Made eggplant parmesan for dinner last night, it was yummy. I think I may bake some bread today because well I feel like it.

So three guys get captured by a group of cannibals and as they’re brought before the chief of the cannibals who says to them “we are going to skin you alive and then eat the flesh of your bodies and use your skins to make a canoe, but we will grant you one request before you die.”

The first captive asks for a knife for his one request and as soon as they give it to him he slits his own throat to avoid the pain of being skinned alive.

The second captive does the same.

The third captive thinks a little bit and then asks for a fork, they give him one and he starts stabbing himself all over with it. The chief of the cannibals freaks out and asks him what the hell he’s doing. His reply-


betterthanuwante 40M
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2/20/2006 10:15 am

Hey, that's one of my favorite jokes! Haven't heard that one in almost 15 years! Good of you to keep it goin.

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