My adveture in imlland with an idiot  

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11/1/2005 7:53 am

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My adveture in imlland with an idiot

So on Sunday night I was talking to my friend Jim on yahoo and he was also talking to another person off this site on there, mind you this person was supposedly one half of a couple but the profile said male. Now I’m not adverse to talking to people or even meeting them but this person went from seemingly ok to a complete freak in the course of the conversation and if you don’t believe me well here’s the conversation, names have been changed to protect the innocent

Jim: hey Eastside

Me: ummm ok I don’t have voice though

Jim: I meant it just for a chat room don't need to do voice

Me: did you invite her to join?

Jim: I did but she does not seem to be coming

Me: ahhh

Jim: anyway, she is actually married

Jim: but apparently get permission to play

Me: ahh that’s cool

yahoo! Messenger with Voice (10/30/2005 6:32:29 PM): Jim’s other friend has joined the conference.

Jim: ahh here she is

The Other “chick”: im here

Me: hello

Jim: I was just telling east that you are married

Me: pro what’s your AdultFriendFinder handle?

Her: yes i am ...

Her: i dont have one

Her : my husband does

Me: lol, well what’s his?

Jim: ohh well that would probably be why I could not remember it

Her: um i dont really know ...

Her: yurio something

Her: yuri21

Her: his profile is all messed up thought LOL he had it to find a girl but then i changed
some of it to help us find a girl or a couple to swap with

Me: lol

Her: u will know what i mean when you look at it

Her: and its a terrible picture of him

Jim: you would probably have better luck if it were set up for a couple instead of a male

Me: yes you would, or a female profile

Jim: true

Her: yeah i know but he already had it set up and i dont knwo how to change the entire
thing ...

Jim: oh well

Her: can i see a pic of you

Me: sure

Her: wanna see a picture of us?

Me: yup

Her: so what exactly are you looking for? how tall are you? how old are you?

Me: 5'3" 25 just about anything

Her: u bi or bi curious

Me: bi
Her (getting curious): u have a boyfreind or girlfirend?

Me: nope I don’t believe in dating

Her: what do u beleive in?

Me: having fun

Her: oh

Me, being honest as hell: if I ever meet the right person I may do the relationship game again

Her: would u be interested in helping me experiement or joining me and my busband in bed

Me: possibly, I would have to meet you both first

Her: how would u describe yoruself

Me: how would I describe myself?

Her: yea

Her: like your style ...

Me: I'm very laid back but a little nuts

Jim: lol

Her: whats your favorite thing to do

Me: I don’t know how to describe myself really haven’t thought about it

Her: i would describe miyself as a jock because i like sports

Me: I don't fit into any category, hmm Jim what would you say about me?

Jim: different lol

Jim: umm independant

Her: u looked kinda punk from your picture

Her: thats why im asking

Me: I’m just hard to describe huh?

Her: dont mean to confuse you

Jim: kinda punk kinda not

Me: I more or less just do what I want

Me: and wear whatever’s clean

Jim: i am not too sure how to describe you either lol

Her, who neither of us has met: Jim how would you descrbie me?

Jim: you, well I guess I am not very good at describing people

Jim: prepie?

Her: i would agree

Her: to some extenet

Me: hmm well i prolly have never been described as that myself

She dropped out of the conference at this point and then a few minutes later imed me privately and here’s when it starts to get freaky….

Her: i hear you are meetin jim tonight?

Me: yup beer and bacon at the comet

Her: what u doing afterwards? he wanted me to join you guys

Me: who knows

Her who I’m starting to think is a guy in diguise: oh i figured you guys would fuck afterwrds ...

Me: all depends

Shim: on what?

Me: our moods

Shim: where wuold u fuck if you did

Shim: his place?

Me: mines closer

Shim: u got a web cam?

Me: nope

Shim, starting to sound like they aren’t in they’re late 20s: i wanna watch so i was hoping u would go to his

Me: ahh well im not big on being on cam

Shim: u guys houls skip the drinks and go right to his hosue and beign the fun

Me: its not my style to fuck on cam

Shim: but u said maybe

Me: i would have to know who was watching

Me: why dont you just come out for a beer with us

Shim, who I’m starting to think is in high school: by the time iget ready and ge there its after 9 and if we drink and fuck and then i drive home its real late and i gotta be up early tomrorw

Shim: but i wanna watch to see jim in action before i get him all to myself

me: prolly not

Stupid teenager: and u call yourself freaky

Me: i dont know you

Dumb Teen: but i know jim

Dumb annoying teen: and you know jim

Me, getting pissed off: so

Annoying fuck head: if i was there would u let me join u

Me: possibly

Idiot: possibly?

Idiot: well why would i come then if we were getting along and then you went to have sex and you told me no ?

Me: then you would be SOL

Upset teen: whatever ...

Starting to get indignant: u dont know what ou want

Stupid idiot who didn’t realize that when my yahoo says I’m not there it means I’m not there: no comment?

Now trying to make me feel guilty: i was just asking a question and you freaked out

So yeah I’m sick of stupid people this week already therefore if you talk to me on yahoo or whatever don’t be an ass because I’ve come to the conclusion I’m going to start hunting down stupid people and nailing them to overpasses.

house44444 43M

11/1/2005 11:24 am

if only we could thin the heard that easy there are a ton of stuipd people out there that is for sure

satelliteguy75 41M

11/2/2005 12:00 pm

Well, it is nice to see I'm not the only one on here that attracts the wierdos. Nice to see that there is at least one "real" woman on here. Seems all I get are porn sites and gay men pretending to be women. lol
Being a woman I don't supppose you have that many problems here.

tastegreat3 51M

11/3/2005 11:07 am

WOW! interesting!

hexonyxx 45M

11/8/2005 4:12 pm

I read something like this, and I want to start the intellectual cleansing. Damn, we need some chlorine in the gene pool...

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