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3/2/2006 10:23 am

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House Rules

So every household has to have SOME rules right? Well my roommate and I have a few, not that they’re anything too major just basic stuff like if you use the last of the TP you replace the roll and if you spill something you clean it up right away. Our rules are more or less simple common courtesy things that most people do anyway. There is one rule we have that I love though and the reason I love it is because it makes me money.

My roomy hates (and I mean absolutely abhors) doing laundry so being the nice human I am I don’t mind doing his wash for him, plus I really don’t mind doing laundry to begin with. We have a house rule on laundry though which is defiantly skewed in my favor because I’m the one who almost always does it. The laundry rule is this- Anything money that is found in the washer or dryer while you’re doing wash is by default yours, even if you aren’t washing your own clothes. So now you can guess how this works in my favor. Granted most days I’m lucky if I get a little bit of change out of it but occasionally there will be a few bucks in the washer or dryer when I pull his clothes out.

Today though when I pulled his clothes from the dryer with them out came about $400, also known as my rent money. See as far as I can figure it when I paid my rent on Monday he put the money in the pocket of his jeans and forgot it was there when he threw them in the hamper, which would fucking rock but I’m not going to keep it (that nice person thing coming up again). This happened once before when we had another roommate so instead of four hundred it was EIGHT hundred, needless to say I gave it back to him after a bit of teasing. He’ll probably be nice and give me fifty bucks out of it for being a good little monkey.

On another topic I was in Michigan this past weekend for the Kickers bash and my god did I have fun. So much so that it’s going to get a blog of its own as soon as I have time to write one.

house44444 43M

3/2/2006 6:56 pm

hey sexy that was very nice of you to give it back but I think he should give you some more heheheh

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