Angry red head  

Eastside__Devil 36F
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2/5/2006 7:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Angry red head

My anger has been surfacing a lot more often lately and I don’t know why it is, example last night I went to the bar and met a nice human who was hanging out with his friends and being a little bit more forward than usual I asked them if he had a girlfriend they said no and so I asked him if he would like to hang out with me sometime because we had spent half the night flirting anyway, he then told me there was a girl he was trying to get with and I almost slapped him. My reasoning was if there’s someone you’re interested in you shouldn’t be flirting with girls in a bar….. AAAARRRRRRGGGG!!!!

I think I’ve been so angry lately because I’ve gotten stood-up a few more times since I last updated my count, I swear I hold the highest record of being stood up.

Today’s super bull Sunday and I didn’t even bother to go watch the commercials which normally is a yearly event but I just didn’t want to drink at all today so instead I made dinner for myself and my roomy- Chicken slow cooked in white wine sauce with veggies, asparagus, roasted rosemary potatoes and crab stuffed mushrooms. All from scratch none the less, cause I felt like it.

I’m starting to get really sick of attempting to meet people off here, it seems no one really gets the fact that I need to know a bit about them and actually have some sort of attraction to them for me to want to sleep with them.

Well I’m going to go start screaming or maybe just have some raspberry sherbet………………. AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGYUMMY!!!!

SpiceVarixBeast 59M
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2/6/2006 3:53 pm

You didn't miss much. The game stunk and the commercials I did see were equally as lame.

Raspberry that's something I could go for.

jakblack36 48M

2/15/2006 12:26 pm

I am a nice human. WTF is the deal with people who stand up another person? I just don't get it. I could NEVER do that to someone. I am in your face honest and if there is one thing I can't stand is dishonesty and fuckholes who waste my time by standing me up.

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