One night I sat writing  

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9/28/2005 6:53 am

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One night I sat writing

She sits silently by the window, her hair falling over her shoulders and down her back as she rests her chin on her hand. She is waiting for something, a pool of silence in this busy place, some look at her and wonder why she is alone tonight; most others take no notice of her at the table near the window. A notebook lays open on the table in front of her and a cup of murky brown chia is near to her left hand, the ashtray is overflowing with cigarettes that have either been smoked down to the filter or left to burn there. She reaches for the pack of smokes in her shirt pocket and fumbles one out of the pack, lighting it with a hand that shakes slightly before running a hand through her hair and picking up her pen again….[text/color]

He moved like a cat across the bar towards where she sat at in the back corner, a pint of beer in front of her and a secretively dreamy smile touching the corner of her lips. A lock of hair fell across her eye and she brushed it away without seeming to know she was doing it, as he sat down she glanced up, confusion crossing her face for a second before it slipped into a warm smile. She tipped her glass towards him before raising it to her lips, as she set it down she began to speak in a voice that sounded low and throaty.
“It’s nice to see you again, I didn’t expect you to come out though, I wasn’t even sure if you would the last time but sometimes I underestimate people and sometimes I underestimate myself. I’m glad you came to see me though, it’s been a while and I’ve been thinking about what we talked about last time we saw each other and I guess that maybe in some ways you were right and I was very wrong…..” Her voice trailed off and she lost the words she had been practicing in her mind since the day before as he smiled at her and touched her face with his fingertips, tilting it up so she was looking into his eyes. She had never met anyone with more expressive eyes, they were a deep bright blue, never changing color, but he could put so much feeling into a single glance that it always made her feel as though he was looking inside of her mind. Their gaze broke as the lock of hair fell across her face again and he brushed it behind her ear, he could feel the heat flare in her cheek and saw the momentary widening of her eyes and the way she bit her lower lip for just a second before she looked down at her hands. She raised her eyes to his again and he saw how they reflected the candle light as a single pin prick lost in the sea of grey and green, he knew the way her eyes would change with her mood and longed to see the way they were when she was laughing and happy again, so green with little flecks of gold seeming to float in the irises. She nervously finished her beer and poured another from the pitcher near the wall before lighting a smoke and flashing a quick smile that spoke volumes about her fearfulness. She played with her hair as he studied her movements wanting her to continue speaking but unsure of how to encourage her……..

She sets down the pen again and signals the waiter in the small cafĂ©, letting him know she’s ready for another cup of chai, she knows she probably shouldn’t drink anymore of the spicy sweet drink if she wants to sleep tonight but she has another because she needs to pour all of what is on her mind out onto the blank pages of her notebook. The waiter brings her drink, hot and steaming, a few minutes later and she barely notices as she is lost in her imagination again. She picks the pen back up and puts it to the paper once more.[text/color]

…….They pass the time in inconsequential small talk, neither one daring to bring up what was said earlier, neither quite daring to in this crowded smoky bar. They finish the pitcher and he stands up from the table, offering her his hand with a smile and a raised eyebrow, she takes it and he leads her out into the night. They walk to the playground down the road and sit next to each other on the swings, she laughs a little and starts to spin on hers until the chain is twisted from just above her head almost all the way to the cross bar, as she picks up her feet and the swing begins to spin, her hair flowing out as she leans back until her body is completely flat, he starts to speak.
“I know that I shouldn’t have tried to get you to form any opinion of me the other night, but when you asked me what I was thinking I answered you honestly and I know that may have scared you and that you thought I wouldn’t want to see you again because you laughed it off but I was telling you the truth when I said you’re the kind of girl I could fall in love with. I know you’re not comfortable with the idea a man could feel romantically towards you but I do and it’s not something I can stop and I wish you could see yourself the way I see you right now because then you would know why.” He stops and looks over at her, her eyes are closed and there’s a line creasing her forehead and she has a hand over her mouth, the other fiddling with the necklace around her neck. He gets off his swing and kneels in front of her grasping her wrists and pulling her hands away from herself before slowly leaning forward and kissing away the tears that slipped from her eyes before she squeezed them shut. Softly he kisses the side of her mouth and feels her arms wrap around his shoulders, pulling him closer as she slides off the swing to kneel with him in the packed down dirt. Her body is pressed against his and he slips his arms around her waist, pressing her to him, he can feel her heart race through her shirt and he kisses her lips, parting them gently with his tongue. Her reaction is immediate and he can feel her nipples harden beneath the thin cotton of her shirt, she welcomes his kiss and returns it with more hunger and force than he ever expected dwelled inside of her. She pushes him onto his back and they roll off the dirt and onto the soft grass, her hands running through his hair as he slides on under her shirt and over the soft smooth skin of her back. Her body arches under him as he slides her shirt further up, his lips leave hers and trace a line of kisses from her mouth to her ear and then down to her neck. His hands seek out her breasts and he relishes in their firm softness, each of her nipples are as hard as rocks and she gasps when he slides his thumbs across them. He slides her shirt up over her head and gazes down at her bare flesh in the moonlight, her hair is spread over the grass and the moon reflects silver in it. Slowly he begins to kiss her breasts his hands cupping them firmly as he softly kisses each nipple before taking one into his mouth and gently sucking on it, her body arching up under him again and her skirt sliding higher on her hips as she wraps her legs wrap around his waist. He slides one hand over her belly and down the outside of her thigh. He can feel the muscles tense under his fingers as he slowly slides them up the inside of her thigh until they brush against the smooth damp skin of her pussy, gently he presses one against her clit and she bucks under him moaning. She reaches down and slides her hand against the bulge pressing against the front of his pants before fumbling the fly open and slipping her hand around his cock. Her touch is light and tentative at first but grows bolder quickly, wrapping her hand around him and gently stroking him before pushing his pants further down and pulling him closer to her. He looks into her eyes as he enters her, watching her closely as her body welcomes him into itself, she rocks her hips against him as he thrusts. Her legs press him deeper into her as she arches her body off the ground feeling him fill her. Her arms lock around his neck pulling his face to hers and she kisses him deeply as her body squeezes around him, her head rocks back as she cums, her hips bucking beneath him. He has to concentrate to stop himself from exploding as her body milks his cock, he can feel her nails dig into his back as he keeps going, driving her towards the peak again, knowing he can’t hold himself back much longer. She moans his name as he thrusts harder into her, no longer being gentle and she knows he’s close. She lets herself go, relishing the feeling of his skin against her and his bare manhood impaling her, suddenly her orgasm comes again and she cries his name into the night, she can feel him cuming in her, filling her and spilling out of her onto the grass as he buries his face in her neck and gasps her name. He collapses on top of her a second later and she holds onto him, gently rolling with him onto their sides. He brushes her hair out of her face and smiles at her before gently kissing her lips.
“Do you believe me now?”

…..She sets down her pen and closes the notebook, tossing the money for the bill on the table she puts her things into the battered backpack she’s had since childhood and downs the rest of her chai. She stretches briefly before standing up and pushing in her chair, she slips into her coat and puts her hat back over the wild fall of red hair that adorns her head. She walks to the door and smiles briefly at the waiter before stepping into the star strewn fall night.[text/color]

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9/28/2005 8:47 am

Nicely done. Welcome to Blogland.

You certainly do not have nothing to fear ... this is where unique minds thrive.


stop by my blog some time...and check out the blogs of my firends that visit periodically ... leave comments on their blogs from time to time and they to will welcom you into the fold.

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I like that nipple hardeing stuff. Wish I was sucking your nipples, stroking yur cunny and fucking your brains out! Did I say that out loud? Oh well, truth is a defense.

gentelmanjim53 63M

9/28/2005 4:13 pm

East, excellant, you are a story teller and one worth reading

rm_hung953 61M
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10/5/2005 4:21 pm

Very good ! Nice motiff. Enjoyed it. Provocative.Txs

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