My first time...........  

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9/27/2005 5:16 pm

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My first time...........

........blogging on AdultFriendFinder.
Of all the strange and wonderous occurances I've had on here nothing is more odd then the amount of people I've talked to that live in my neighborhood, I'm starting to think that I should walk down the block knocking on doors and introduce myself as my handle to everyone just to see what the reaction would be. It's kind of wierd when I realize how many people on here I've met and if that the percentage of which I was the first person off this site they did meet but very rarely have I gone to bed with anyone the first time I meet them, theres something about me that makes it very hard for me to do that, maybe I'm too traditional in many ways but maybe I'm just a freak too...... Well for anyone who bothers to read this heres something to keep you entertained, one of my little storys I wrote it a while ago and yeah it's dirty lol.....

When I met you

We meet up at this quiet little bar I know and grab the far back corner booth where no one can really see us, have a few drinks and flirt and laugh while we sit close together. My hand lightly strokes your leg, slowly working its way higher and higher until they barely brush your cock through your pants. Your hands are busy under the table too, sliding in between the snaps on the leg of my pants until your fingers are sliding across the smooth skin of my thigh working their way from the outside of my leg to the inside. I move closer to you and lightly kiss the side of your neck before I whisper in your ear that we should get out of here so I can rip your clothing off in a more private setting. I gently give your cock a squeeze feeling its hardness before I slide away and re-snap the side of my pants. We go outside and get into your car, as you lean forward and start the engine my hand sneaks back onto your leg, higher up this time so my fingers rest on the zipper, pressing against the bulge underneath more firmly. As you sit back in your seat you stretch your own hand towards me, I grab it lightly and put it on the wheel telling you both hands must remain there until we get to your place. You’re almost forced to drive slowly because all the traffic lights turn red as you approach, meanwhile I’ve managed to undo your belt and fly and slip my hand inside of your pants, letting my fingers slowly trace along the underside of your cock, sliding lower to gently squeeze your sack, my eyes never leaving your face as I start to tell you what I’m going to let you do when we get to your place.
Arriving at your place I hop out of the car before you manage to turn it off and race up to your door, I lean against it as you get out of the car. You approach me and slip your hands around my waist pulling me in closer to you as you lower your mouth to mine pressing your lips hard against them and forcing them open with your tongue. As your tongue invades my mouth I arch up against you allowing you to slip your hands under the back of my shirt and pull me closer. I wrap my arms around your neck and run my fingers through your hair as my nipples tighten pressing through the thin fabric of my shirt. You unlock the door and turn pulling me in after you before pressing me against a wall and pinning my hands above my head telling me its payback time. With one hand you rip open my shirt, half the buttons popping off and scattering to the floor, as you fiercely kiss my neck, biting it lightly at times. You run a line of kisses and nibble down from my ear to the base of my neck before sliding to your knees in front of me and running your thumb across the nipple of my left breast as you take the right one into your mouth, flicking the ring with your tongue. My nipples get even harder as I arch away from the wall moaning. You look up at me telling me that I have to keep my hands off of you until you say different and release my wrists, your mouth going back to my breasts as your now free hand starts rubbing my cunny through my pants, you can feel the heat through them. Suddenly you stop and undo the buttons at the sides of them, grabbing the front you yank them forward, all the snaps come undone and you throw them behind you. Sitting back a little you study my body clad now only in a pair of heels and my panties, an impish gleam shines in your eye as you look up at my face. I’m breathing in short gasps, my color high as I peer down at you begging with my eyes to be allowed touch you, you shake your head once before you start one my breasts again with your mouth, sucking hard and using your tongue to pull on the rings. Your hand slides up the inside of my thigh until its pressing against my pussy through my panties, you use your thumb to press on my clit in slow circles as I moan louder, my hips moving in time to your strokes. You slip a finger inside my panties and run it along the lips of my cunny, feeling how wet I am before pulling my panties down to my ankles and sliding two fingers deep inside of me. You kiss your way down my stomach and flick your tongue against my clit, my body shudders at this contact and my cunt gets wetter as I get closer to cumming. You start to gently suck on my clit and move your fingers faster inside of me as my legs begin to shake. My cunny clenches around your fingers as I cum, my legs so weak that you have to help support me so I don’t fall to the floor. I grab your hair and pull you away from me telling you it’s my turn to please you. Pushing you back into a chair I kneel before you and slide your pants and boxers down your legs before leaning forward and lightly running the tip of my tongue up your shaft. I lightly grasp your balls in one hand as I continue to tease your shaft with my tongue, pressing only the tip and the ball of my stud to it before taking it into my mouth. As I start to bob my head gently sucking your cock I continue teasing it with my tongue, slowly going faster and faster until I hear your breathing quicken and your cock start to throb, right before you cum I press your balls against the base of your shaft forcing the orgasm to happen when I want it to, I swallow your cum as it pumps into my mouth, sucking you dry before I sit back and smile up at you innocently.

redmustang91 57M  
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9/28/2005 2:44 pm

Sounds very hot! Sign me up too, please!

rm_sbffv 63M
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9/30/2005 9:29 pm

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!

That is just about the hottest story I have ever read.

Allnitlonggg 43M
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10/4/2005 8:40 pm

you write very beautifully, and are very artistic. Keep it up, it's always good to read a fellow writer's stories!

rm_hung953 60M
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10/5/2005 4:33 pm

Hi, I can't help but wonder ...Fact or fiction? No matter, I'm hard.
Very nice. If fact I would like to be one of your subjects.

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