My God I am a total mess  

Eastside_Devil 37F
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10/8/2005 7:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My God I am a total mess

So I think I fucked my life up again last night but thats pretty normal for me to do, had wild dreams about a circus and a joker, stupid lions were trying to eat my cotton candy agian, but thats what I get for taking sleepy stuff so I could sleep. Raging insomnia is such a fun hobby I tell you one of these days I'm going to see how long I can go before sleeping. My hands are really cold and someone once told me its not the next day until you wake up from sleeping in which case I think I'm still on about may 12th 2202.

Things to do before work today

1 Find my shoes
2 Go pick up lights at the store (wee halloween decorations!!)
3 avoid shaving my head
4 Brush my teethies
5 Have some toast, I love toast
6 Kick my roomy till he stops snoring on the couch
7 Think of something clever so say here
8 Start my new story, I'm attempting to write from the male perspective
9 Find my gloves
10 Try to avoid the bums on Brady

irishtongue71 51M

10/8/2005 1:08 pm

East...don't shave that head! And what a clever perspective on things you DO have a talent for blogging!


Big_Hairy_Fucker 46M
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10/9/2005 1:27 am

I agree, don't shave your head! your kinda cute with hair. Besides that, I wouldn't recognize ya if I seen you next when I cruise down Brady (& I do that alot on my cycle)

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