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8/22/2006 6:44 pm

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How important are relationships in swinging? A common phrase in swinging is 'fiends with benefits'.. heck, I use it too. Another one is 'fuck buddies'. lol I use that as well. But how many of us are actually looking for friends or buddies? Someone we can actually spend time with and enjoy each others company WITHOUT fucking like crazy every chance we get.
On the other hand, we have people here on AdultFriendFinder... a SWINGERS site, looking for relationships, but NOT sex. Aren't these people on the wrong site?
And then again.. we have all the 'young studs' on here who have absolutely NO IDEA what swinging is and just want to make quick connections with all the 'desperate horny' women on here. GET A CLUE, GUYS!
I have been in the swinging lifestyle for over 10 years. I actually did make some good friends that I was able to enjoy the company of and not always have sex. Unfortunately, they either moved away or I did. Most of my 'friends' that I have met, I suppose, would fall into the 'fuck buddy' category. Don't get me wrong... not all of my connections have have turned into any sort of 'friendship'. Anybody who has been in this lifestyle for very long knows that sometimes that 'connection' just doesn't happen.
Now, I find myself alone. After sharing my house and my life with somebody for the last 8 years, I am alone. Sure I am making new 'friends' to play with and enjoy but where is that 'companionship' I have grown so accustomed to? Sex is GREAT but who ho do I get to tell about my day? Who do sit down with to enjoy dinner? Who do I watch television with? Sopranos... Survivor... FOOTBALL!
I guess, I actually would like to find that special friend. A TRUE FRIEND. WITH or WITHOUT that mind-blowing sex we all enjoy so much. I wonder if that person(s) is on here?
If not,...Oh well.... at least the sex is good.

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8/22/2006 7:13 pm

Of course you do silly!

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