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1/14/2006 4:33 pm

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Who to vote for?

The present government has been caught in several
scandals and the other political groups have proposal/promises that I don't agree with (and we all know that they don't keep most promises anyways )

Do we vote in a person that we have some familiarity with (even though we don't really trust him because of the scandals) or do we vote in a person that we don't really know what he will do when in power?

The present government has done some good (the Canadian Dollar is at its highest in the past 10 years), but what concerns me is the scandals that they have been caught with.

How are you going to vote? Do you vote for the lesser of all the evils?


Take care


imohitmontblanc 44M/41F

1/17/2006 7:50 pm

Hey EZ,

Don't forget Martin wasn't the PM when that shit took place.......and his first act as PM was to set up the Gomery commission......Everything that happened was truly bad, but not extraordinary....the government is a huge's like Wal-Mart x5000! Things are bound to happen and when they do, all that can be done is basically everything he did. I kind of feel bad for the guy.....waiting and waiting for Chretien to finally step down, and as soon as he does.....scandal! Bummer. I'm just bummed that we may be missing out on a chance to have a great PM. The guy is a serious problem solver and genuinely wants to make our country even better.

Vote Liberal!!



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1/18/2006 7:12 pm

Hi imo (did you know that "imo" in Japanese is potato...didn't think

Are you two related to the Man?

Like I said in your post...I am leaning towards Martin...the Canadian economy is going great and is getting better, if we elect a new government, we may lose all that and more. (I like travelling and enjoy having a decent exchange rate)

You guys are great...very straight up (not sure which one of you are writing the posts)

Take care


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