Choices of a woman  

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8/6/2005 11:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Choices of a woman

There are many choices that a woman makes when It comes to sex,wheher she wants to be screwed, or whether she wantsto have her body pampered and made love to.Whether she wants a one night stand or to have a continuous relationship.Its her choice whether to have a black man or a white man, whether to have foreplay or to get right into It .woman like the rush that an orgasm brings some fake It because the person does not know what he Is doing. So she has the choice of telling that person a lie saying he was good to spare his feelings or to tell him the truth.Yeh women are smarter than some of us men give them credit. To all the beautiful ladies who lay eyes on this blog continue making those choices love ESEXY05

nocovernolover 49F
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12/28/2006 6:44 pm

Men you have choices too. Some women fake because they don't trust their man enough to ACCEPT the truth. If you want to have the same choices that women have accept constructive criticism and LEARN FROM IT!!! If ONE MAN could learn to be the love maker, pamperer, fuck my head through the walls there would be no need to make CHOICES. We would stick with that ONE MAN.

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