Soliciting individual contact  

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3/3/2006 1:33 am

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Soliciting individual contact

This is a discussion group. It is expected that you participate in conversations with the group and not single out 1 member (or just females) in attempts to get them to contact you individually. Condoning, this type of actions can make our chat room and message board places these people you'd like to get to know avoid. Asking the question with good timing “where is everyone from?” is ok, but coming in immediately with "where are people I want from my area" is considered a very poor attempt at group participation. We feel this is very disruptive. Pick me pick me, I'm the one for you.. will make your dreams come true.. email me, talk to me alone, what your saying in this group dont matter, here is details on how to talk outside of this room, grrrrrrrrrr.. We don't want to hear it, GET IT? Turn on AdultFriendFinder Instant messenger and say what ever you want. Flirting is allowed but don't make your flirting sound like a personal ad wanting people to contact you individually.

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