Profanity / Disrespect  

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3/3/2006 1:01 am

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Profanity / Disrespect

We are open-minded as to what constitutes repeated profanity. Adult language is permissible as we are and adult site that can include a wide variety of content both sexual and non sexual. We very much encourage discussions about sucking, fucking and asses etc. at Erotic Issues so, we are not going to be picky bitches about what adult language is acceptable. Please take into consideration that even acceptable topics or language may make some people uncomfortable so I would like to empower all members with the ability to express this and change the topics in the chat rooms. Failure to “DROP IT” can be considered breach of our group rules. Context and situation will be considered in all decisions. Please remember to treat other members with respect reguardless of their perspectives. Talking about last nights fuck session and telling someone to fuck off are very different, you know which is inappropriate right?

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