A dream come true... or is it?  

Dyrtanion 38M
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7/7/2005 1:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A dream come true... or is it?

When I first found out about AdultFriendFinder (about a week ago) my reaction was "I'd never even consider something like that". Two days later I found myself signing up.

I had been driving home late from band practice that night. In the time since I first heard about AdultFriendFinder I had been exploring my feelings on the subject. Could it really be that easy to find willing sexual partners? I decided I was going to find out. I got home, sat down at the computer and became a member. After all I thought, I'm a human being genetically programmed to crave sex. I wanted to see what it would be like to allow myself the oppurtunity to indulge those cravings. And so began my great social experiment. What was I looking for exactly? I wasn't sure. All I knew was that it somehow seemed that a place in my mind that had been kept locked up was suddenly, terrifyingly, exhiliratingly free. I was going to become a slut and... well I wasn't really sure what, but lets face it, what young man would pass up an opportunity for a chance to hook it up? Not me. (If this paragraph evokes memories of TV's "the wonder years" you are not alone)

I quickly realized that as a standard member, it would be hard for me to meet anyone because I cannot initiate contact with other members. Also I began to wonder, "are all these members actually meeting and fucking?" Or was it just a bunch of pervs and desperados that weren't getting any action? I wanted an answer and knew that the only way to tell would be to meet somone and fuck them! My first week as a member I received one email from a bi-guy who wanted "to lick my balls, ass, suck my cock and maybe more". I was excited. Someone was interested... but wait just a darn minute, I'm straight... but part of me wanted to say yes just to see if he would really go all the way. I was starting to see that meeting women online for discreet sex was turning out to be just as time consuming as chasing them in the real world, for I was now spending time writing blogs, dropping in on chat rooms and reading discussion boards because I felt there must be girls out there... maybe even women.. who were horny like me... who needed a good stiff cock to suck and fuck. Goodness knows there are many who were claiming to. I think when I get paid at months end, I will be upgrading to a full membership... but until then...

Oh great social experiment, how will you turn out? Only time will tell

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