To Shave or Not to Shave  

Dvlsdaughter 37F
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7/11/2005 5:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

To Shave or Not to Shave

I recently responded to an article that both encouraged women to shave and simultaneously questioned the refusal of some women to shave, citing irritation as a concern, among others. Shaving was exhorted as some sort of wonderful process in which vaginas are magically transformed into more beautiful, clean, better tasting creatures, all because the hair is gone. Some responses to this article claimed that the irritation goes away after the first few times. I have never understood the shaving phenomenon, and frankly it bugs the hell out of me. I dislike having to do it myself, partly because it is terribly inconvenient, painful and unnattractive, and partly because I think its an unhealthy trend and I dislike feeling obligated to barber my pubes to cater to the cruel whims fashion. Men, if you want to be with me, either be willing to appreciate the allure of a natural (if well-trimmed) pussy, and for chrissake DON'T shave your balls!!!
This was my response to the article:

Actually, for many women, the irritation NEVER goes away.
I shaved for years, and it was always a miserable, horrible
experience, every time, and I knew all the "tricks"
to make it better, but none of them worked on me. I get waxed
now, but only because most of the men I'm with these
days seem to bitch if I don't. I'd far rather NOT
do anything at all, and never have another unsightly ingrown
hair, cut from shaving, burn from waxing (not to mention
the pain and expense). Yes, there is some heightened sensation
from having hair removed, but let me tell you...Stubble
is NOT sexy. On anyone. And unless its the first week of a
brazillian wax, all hair removal causes stubble. You can
never shave it all the way smooth. I'd far prefer a guy's
natural pubes in my face to a pair of prickly, itchy balls.
We're unhealthily obsessed with hair removal, and
I wish the tide would turn in the other direction. Any trend
that tells men and women their natural state of being (we
are SUPPOSED to have hair on our bodies) is unattractive
or unsexy is bad in the long run. Its also just FASHION. 15-20
years ago, pubic hair was "in", and was considered
erotic in the same way the lack of pubic hair is now. Sooner
or later, the pendulum will switch back, and I cant wait.
As for the taste being better, you could just try asking
your gal friends to shower before you go down on them...all
that you're tasting in the hair is the natural accumulation
of our secretions...and if you still have a problem with
the taste, perhaps you shouldn't be eating pussy.
Men and women have smells and tastes, folks...that goes
along with being human. We need to get a little less finicky
and start enjoying the human pheromone again!!

rm_Ajb22068 35M
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7/13/2005 3:46 pm

Im actually just on here to say that i shave myself, but not for anyone else. i find it more comfortable, and i dont like to look down and see furby and pinnochios offspring when i am taking a shower. I dont know just my thought on the matter, I get the ingrown hairs and yeah sometimes it gets itchy but with a fresh shave and some baby powder it is a great feeling.

boredomsbad4u 37F
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7/18/2005 8:45 pm

I shave and wax on and off. My boyfriend doesn't care one way or the other although I enjoy the heightened sensation. But I'm not slave to the hot wax or razor.Theses days I'm just neatly trimmed. I do not like it when a guy is shaved however. There's something very jarring about a guy without pubic hair. Its distracting in a bad way to me. Its bizarre that some men are turned off by pubic hair. It seems like an unconscious desire to repress maturity in a woman and propagating the misogynistic myth that a womans sexual desirability is tied to her youth and fragilty.

Hee, I might be over thinking this. Nevermind

grizzguy4u 57M

7/21/2005 12:16 pm

most of the younger crowd seems to confuse shaving with hygeine...i
have never shaved, nor ever expected my lady to shave - trimming is another "artform" - properly trimmed and maybe a little goldbond or baby powder, lotion etc - goes a long wipes work great too
for that pre-sex freshen-up...and i luv pussy unshaved...if ya want
it bad enough, ya just dive in - and why do you think they call it muff-diving? muff---> fur---> hair - case closed.

RedBush171 48F

8/16/2005 2:47 pm

I have been naturally hairy for all m years with hair. I hate the new shaved look, i love running my fingers thru my pussy hair each day, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

need2chew 55M
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8/18/2005 2:55 am

not shaven but trimme!! that is one nice and tasty fur burger time to eat???

funguy4u969 40M

9/12/2005 8:06 pm

After being married for X years to a woman who demanded my balls shaved, I have to put my two-cents in. It always itches, sometimes burns (especially with a nick to close to the source), and the stuble never goes away, as stated. The shape of the region makes it the most difficult to avoid cuts with razors and clippers, and I was in for a rude awakening the one time I tried waxing, and forget the Nair experience my ex made me endure. I love pain every now and then, but there are limits as to what's pleasurable. The only plus sides to it are a lack of your partner swallowing hair, and role-playing someone younger with added effect. So, I really don't care if my partners go bald or not. As for me, I still shave, though RARELY- it's a matter of preference and mood.

Mr_Goodgiver 59M

9/13/2005 12:11 pm

Aah! A woman after my own heart! What's that they say about two great minds think alike? (Re: my blog same subject.) And, if I may say so, you have an absolutely lovely-looking pussy! (Nice tub scene, too!)

rm_singlePGHguy 48M

9/17/2005 2:17 am

Hey I'm all for neatly trimmed. Shaving isn't necessary... I love it... but I don't think it should matter. Clean is what I'm looking for. As long as everything is clean there is no issue.

As far as the waxing thing? I waxed up for the first time last three weeks ago. It was horrendous! Ladies... my hat is off to you if you can deal with that ordeal! I have got the worst of ingrowns and bumps and it has been three weeks. Actually things are about back to normal now... whew! But I will definitely stick to the old super-close cu with clippers and shave the details like I always do.

I must say... when kept up, it makes for a nice experience.

PIttGuy2CumInU 36M

8/15/2006 8:18 am

I love hairy bush! I admit I like it trimmed at bikini line, but, nothing is as hot as a full bush. I also agree that shaving, etc is kinda ridiculous, especially guys, it looks like a garbage fire broke out on your nut sack, lol. One of the best relationships I had as a young man was a girl with a nice full bush who absolutely loved cum. She would love it when I would fill her full and we would watch the cum ooze out of her nice hairy bush. I have been hooked ever since, so I say go o'natural ladies and let us bush lovers make a combeack.
PS Carrie-Love that main pic on ur profile,, very hot, can we see some bush?

rm_maxxevrhrd 35M

8/18/2006 4:40 pm

I also HATE the hairless shaved trend. I had to fight with my last girlfriend to get her to grow it our becuase she had been brainwashed into being ashamed of her pussy hair.

I don't think anything is sexier than when a girl takes off her panties and it's like BAM!! hair everywhere. It brings out the animal inside me and I love it.

Keep it. Trimmed or not trimmed it doesn't really matter, although when it gets really long it's a little harder to eat not that that would stop me.

tallnpassionat5 61M
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9/26/2006 1:21 pm

I agree with you KittyCarrie. As a visual, a shaved pussy can be very arousing to a man, but realistically, there's nothing better than nuzzling my mouth onto a nicely groomed, trimmed mound. The hair is very sensual. Slipping my fingers down between a woman's thighs, and caressing the soft hair of her mound, gliding them along the moistening lips of her pussy, feeling the curly hairs damp from her arousal is such a wonderful experience to share. You don't get that same sensation from a shaved pussy. I don't know how (or why) women tolerate the pain and aggravation. I know I had to shave my balls once for a vasec. and I'll never do it again. Ouch, girls! Find a guy who appreciates you natural beauty, texture, scent, and taste.

doppelganger777 40F

10/12/2006 7:59 am

Yeah, bald and very trimmed does seem to be the trend lately. I feel wierd being a guy that actually likes a full bush. I haven't seen one in years. Start the revolution!

FinnyPaverIowan 30M
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11/20/2006 7:58 pm

YES! Pubes are sexy. You need that hair to hold onto the pheromones anyway. Bald looks childish, and shapes/designs like hearts, triangles, and landing strips look incredibly stupid.

josmith5 55M
118 posts
1/6/2007 3:51 pm

sorry......but i smoooth so lovely.....

no matter where you go.......

there you are.

likebigtits6369 106M
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1/19/2007 8:51 pm

one bad experience w/ stuble was enough. i prefer trimmed or natural...NOONE like rug burn on thier face!

rm_muff_diver6 52M
9 posts
1/29/2007 9:21 pm

Personally I keep things trimmed just for looks. Overgrown pubes on anyone doesn't look good. I prefer trimmed, but don't expect my girl to shave.

CumenGetLicked 34M

6/18/2007 8:03 pm

A few thoughts on shaving....

1 shaving does cut down on bacteria growing down there. So please, if you don't shave, then please clean (not just rinse) the germs (smell/taste) away.

Also, I do have to admit that a shaved women does come off with an adolescent young untouched look. Hey, ya gotta take what you get and enjoy it.

But yeah, keep yourself groomed as you wish and anybody has a problem they can just get over it.

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