Muse's Story Part 5  

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8/23/2006 2:09 pm
Muse's Story Part 5

His arms enfolded her as she slept and she was safe. His breathing in perfect time with her own, his smell comforting her. He lay on his back with her in his arms, her head resting on his chest her arm around his waist. She felt his manhood rising, and heard the gentle groan from his throat … what was he dreaming?

She moved her hand slowly over his chest and stomach, running her fingers through the hair, and he groaned. His fingers moved up and down her spine sending little sparks right through her. Her hand went down to his manhood and found his hardness, her hand encircling it she started to move her hand up and down. His breathing changed as she moved down the bed.

She kissed his chest, and gently bit on his nipples, she kissed and licked down to his hardness and as his hand reached her hair and grabbed it, she took him between her lips. He thought he would explode from the pure joy of it, but held himself back.

He closed his eyes and let the waves of pleasure roll over him, her tongue moving all over his hardness, her mouth, so warm and wet sucking
him, moving up and down on him until he knew he couldn't stop, as her hand cupped his balls and she gently squeezed them he felt it.

She felt his orgasm start to build and looked up at him, his grip on her hair tightened and he locked eyes with her. He smiled at her as he came to his climax, his shudders pumping his hardness into her mouth as he came, wave after wave after wave, his body jerking with each spasm, until finally he was spent.

She watched him as he came back to earth and smiled a smile of self-satisfaction. No other woman could ever take him to that place, no
other woman could completely satisfy him the way she could.

His arms reached for her and he held her. Her smell was intoxicating and he breathed her in. He turned her over and kissed her, and as their tongues met he felt himself get hard again.

She lay naked on the bed with just the light from the fire, and he looked at her. Her beauty transcended all others, and his soul belonged to her. He kissed her face her neck, her shoulders, he knew by the way she moved how much she wanted him.

His mouth found her nipple and he sucked like a greedy child, his fingers pulling at her other nipple and her back arched. Her sighs were getting more urgent as he took the other nipple in his mouth and sucked hard. Her hands went to his head as he moved down her body, he lifted her slightly and put a pillow under her, he looked at her but her eyes were closed.

He opened her legs and his tongue slowly, very slowly ran up and down her womanhood.

Oh God he felt good, she could hardly remember to breath as his tongue went to her clitoris and he flicked gently over it again and again. She
gasped as his fingers went inside her and his tongue flicked faster.

Her hand squeezed her breasts as her pleasure mounted. He knew he could make her cum anytime he wanted now, and he looked at her, then he took her there.

She cried out as she came, her hands gripping the bed posts as the pleasure washed over her. Before she had finished he entered her, his hardness filling her as he kissed her. Her body was still on fire as he took her slowly at first, then harder and faster until he looked into her eyes and they orgasmed together, holding tightly to each other and their cries of passion became one.

In the glow of the fire, there bodies spent they slept, arms locked around each other.

But she woke as she had gone to bed … alone.

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