Back To The Bedroom  

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8/23/2006 2:03 pm
Back To The Bedroom

It was at that point that she remembered what he had said - “So come know me then.” ‒ and a wicked idea came into her mind. That had sounded like an open invitation to her and she needed no second thought as she stood up and placing her hand in his she led him back to the bed.

She lay him down on his stomach and went to rustle in the various chests that she found by groping her way round the room. At last with a girlish squeal she found what she was seeking as her fingers closed on something silken and decidedly naughty and not uplifting.

She lifted her hands to cup her breasts as she contemplated the effect she wanted to achieve. Waspie? Yes, that would be good. Breasts covered? Yes but opacity would be desirable. Why cover up what were joys to behold? She had always been admired for bust so why fix what wasn’t broken?

She casually dressed herself rejoicing in the feel of the fabric on her skin. Now her hands moved down to her loins her fingers combing her pubic hair as they did so.

Underwear ‒ lower parts? No ‒ for what she what she had in mind; unnecessary,

Stockings? Always and silk, suspenders too; she found those in the chest and took great delight as she fitted the belt and then one at a time rolled the stockings ever so slowly up her legs and attached them to her.

Stockings without shoes? Never! She laughed as her questing fingers found what she sought and put on her favourites ‒ the strappy ones with the heels.

So there she stood, armed and ready but before executing her plan of action she took time to inspect herself her hands delighting in the feel of herself. She had no need to check between her legs, she knew she was ready.

At last she commenced her sashay as she moved back towards the bed. Getting on she stood astride his head and squatted down so her silken legs brushed his face until at last her lips caressed his neck.

“Feel those? Those are the lips of my friend. Do you feel them kiss your neck? What is mine is yours and if you treat them well they will kiss any part of you anytime you wish as I will now show you.”

And so she did all over his body leaving a mark that he didn’t rush to wash away. Inch by inch she danced her way down his back grinding her sex into him until there was no doubt left who owned whom.

And then she turned him over ...

She felt for his groin and grasping his erect penis felt him tense as she eased herself forward so that her outer lips enfolded its shaft. Gently holding him she rubbed herself up and down delighting in the resistance.

“Not yet my dear, she wants a kiss from your lips, a wet sloppy one with plenty of feeling!”

Again she inched her may up his torso until she poised herself above his expectant mouth and lowered herself onto him.

“Now she wants a kiss and if you kiss her well she’ll reward you later. I do not feel your hands on my breasts, why do I not feel your hands on my breasts?”

As she guided his hands to her breasts she felt his lips and tongue start their merry dance around her maypole. Around and around and in and out his danced and soon her body joined in as she writhed and ground herself onto him.

As her body moved towards climax she moved his hands to fondle her rear and moved her hands to entangle her hair and then tease her breasts as his eyes watched.

At last his tongue worked its magic and she climaxed with a wild shout.

She looked down at him with a wicked grin. “Well so much for the fancy starter, let’s see whether you’re up for the main course ‒ oh look I see you are!”

Positioning herself above him she grasped her personal flagpole and lowered herself onto it savouring every bit as her pelvic muscles tightened around it. As her pubis met his she sat there for a while enjoying the penetration.

“You know,” she said “all through puberty and beyond I’ve had a dream about this phantom lover who is all mine to myself. He knows all my thoughts and my fantasies, he never criticises nor does he scold. He just is!

“This is no fantasy. I am no phantom. I am here. I am … yours! This is just the start.”

At that he lifted from the bed and laughing with joy they embraced each other as he showed her why destiny had brought them together.

As they lay in the darkness together she thought back over recent events. Of course she knew who he was, of course she wasn’t frightened of him. She had created him.

She knew every inch of him, every scar, every blemish. Not particularly handsome, nor particularly tall he would never leave her nor would he ever fail her. He would be there for her triumphs and disasters equally.

Not everyone’s cup of tea and certainly not anybody else’s fantasy lover but he was hers as she had created him. Hers alone and no-one else’s. And that made her feel all woman. His woman.

As she chuckled to herself she felt his arm reach out and his hand touch her stomach and rest there and though there was nothing sexual intended she felt her body vibrate at his touch and her nipples awaken and stiffen to erectness.

As she lay there all manner of thoughts rose unbidden to the surface and opening her legs wider she took his hand and guided it lower until it rested entangled in the glory of her womanly hairs. For some time his fingers luxuriated in the feel of her there before moving lower.

At the same time she took her hand and softly clasped his manhood and lovingly massaged it up and down. No rush just a gentle pace enough to pleasure him but not enough to bring him home too early.

Meanwhile his fingers were doing magic things between her legs sometimes tickling her clitoris, other times encircling her vulva and other times slipping inside her before moving up to his mouth to suck her juices.

She felt his other hand move to her left breast to tease her nipple and then softly fondle her breast, delighting in its feel and she felt her right hand move to her right breast to do the same.

Gently, gently were their mutual administrations that both lay relaxed beside each other for
no-one knows how long delighting in each other’s company and touch before their breathing became shallower and they reached for that climax.

His fingers stroked her clitoris as she arched her pelvis upwards reaching for that high she yearned for and in her turn her grasp became firmer as she hand moved her hand up and down faster and faster.

At last both of them groaned as he erupted into orgasm as she did, her body quivering as she came again and again but still his fingers didn’t stop as they entered her and her muscles clasped him tight.

They lay sated together for a long time before she rolled into him and they kissed slowly and passionately friends as well as lovers.

And there they passed the longest time in each other’s arms. No-one to please but themselves, hands caressing what was in sight, each delighting in the touch.

At last she stirred and lifted herself from the bed and said in a voice small and childlike.

“Well my daemon lover, what next? Once you’ve had your fill of me are you to cast me aside and leave me to lie broken for the amusement of passers by whilst you seek new conquests?” She felt him tense and suddenly his arms enclosed her in a tight grip.

“Know ye Lady that I am of your creation. I am here only to please you. I cannot exist except by your side. If you tire of me and cast me aside there would be no more reason for me and I would die. I cannot tire of you as that is not what you desired so must I seek to please you. My fate is totally within your hands”

As she heard his words she felt her skin come alive again and she knew with absolute certainty that he was telling the truth and it made her feel very happy … and complete. She put her arms around him laughing as she rocked him.

“Well then what a fine future we have together as I have no intention of letting you go for you delight me enormously and if it your intention to continue to please me then I will certainly reciprocate in kind.

“Is it your intention that we remain in here or are there parts hereabouts that we may explore?”

“Lady there are myriad wondrous places that we may explore and many things to see and do there. Methinks thou might care to attire yourself a trifle more warmly as the sight of such a beauteous unclad woman might be more than the local menfolk could stand … and the womenfolk too.”

As she knelt there masked in the darkness she considered his words and gingerly at first explored her body her fingers cupping her breasts moving between her legs and finally to her rump. It’s funny really you see your own body every day and think nothing of it but add a mask and all things alter. Now she realised it was actually very good indeed.

She heard him chuckle and realised that in her phalangial meanderings she had been giving him a very good show.

“So you think the sight of me unclad would unsettle the populace would it?”

“Most assuredly madam thou art a sight to enwaken a corpse if you catch my drift!”

“And what about the living sir? Would they rise to my challenge?”

At that her hand sneaked forward and her fingers verified indeed that at least one had.

“Well we cannot set off on our adventures without saying goodbye to our lodgings can we?”

And pulling him forwards she guided him into her. Wrapping her arms round his neck she said “Onwards and Upwards lover.”

Looking deep into her eyes he also said “Onwards and Upwards lover” and together they proved to each other that what each had said was by means to be considered lightly.

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