We The Citizens Of Great Britain  

DustyWidget 59M
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5/29/2006 7:41 am

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6/5/2006 11:10 am

We The Citizens Of Great Britain

Greet our American Friends This Memorial Day.

Whilst many things still divide us we are and always will be forever linked by our savage love of freedom and honour.

You have shed blood for us as we have for you. We always will.

There is nothing more noble than to lay down your life for a friend ... it's a given.

swooness 34F

5/29/2006 10:05 am

"our savage love of freedom and honour"

ironic how freedom and honour are obtained...

mycin62 54F

5/29/2006 11:00 am

So true

amoldenough 69F
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5/29/2006 5:05 pm

thank you Dusty and all of the citizens of Great Britain for the tribute to the United States of America and our fallen ones.

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

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