The Waterfall  

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The Waterfall

In the morning they breakfasted lightly saying very little to each other but easy in their silence. Today was to be a new dawn and they shared the excitement.

At last they rose and made their way to the dressing room where they rummaged for appropriate riding clothing for they would be travelling on horseback.

She declined to remove her mask - after the initial shock she found it was a delicious feeling to be thoroughly in the hands of her lover never knowing what was in store next but feeling safe in his hands.

He dressed himself in black leather trousers with a silken shirt and then crossed to where she stood rifling through the Ottoman where many of her items were stored.

With his help she chose a bodice of green velvet and a long skirt of the same colour to go with the silken undergarments she had already selected.

Whilst he watched admiringly she donned her underclothes and bent to slowly roll her stockings up her legs smiling as she did so. She knew he watched and the thought gave her as much pleasure as it clearly did him.

She stepped into her skirt and then fastened her bodice leaving the top hooks undone. She knew that her bosom was good so liked to leave a little on show for admiring glances.

Last but not least she stepped into a pair of long riding boots and was ready to go.

“How do I look sir? Am I fit to be seen on the arm of a dashing young blade as yourself?”

“Madam, you truly look fabulous and the problem will be keeping you on my arm when you would rather be escorted by another!!”

She laughed and said “Sir that will not happen as I am as closely tied to you as you believe you are to me!”

So laughing gaily in their finery he escorted his lady from her ‘captivity’ into the heat of the day and up to the gray mare that awaiting her. He helped her up and then left her side to mount the stallion that stood quietly close by.

Side by side they rode slowly out of the courtyard as she struggled to acquaint herself with the fact that there was no saddle between herself and the mare.

Slowly the rhythm of the horse and her body rubbing on its backbone began to make its mark upon her. A warm tingle began to suffuse her body and her breaths became shorter as she clasped his hand and placed it within her skirts letting him share her excitement.

She slumped against him not letting his fingers go from her as she shouted her orgasm and telling him what she felt as she did so.

When she became aware of her surroundings again she heard the sound of a waterfall and begged him to stop as she had always yearned to bathe in its purity.

Dismounting she removed her skirt, boots and bodice and in her underclothes plunged into the water shouting for him to join her.

He hesitated for a split second before leaping from his horse and proceeded to divest himself of his clothing before leaping into the water towards where she stood awaiting him.

She came towards her and then stopped taking in the sight before him. There she stood half drenched in only her underclothing which was plastered to her body which only accentuated the lush fullness of her figure.

She opened her arms wide but hearing him stop and feeling his gaze upon her began to feel uncertain of her ground.

“Why do you stop? Do I look a fright?”

“No my lady you do not look a fright. The very sight of you like that fair took my breath away. You have never looked more lovely.”

She gave a squeal of delight and launched herself into his arms whereupon they embraced passionately. As they kissed she began to press herself against again which sent marvellous tingles through his body and as his manhood began to rise to meet her expectations her hands moved behind him to caress his buttocks and finally to grasp them and pull him towards her where his manhood met a willing accomplice in her womanhood.

At last she broke their contact but only to reach down and grasp him to pull him with her towards the sound of the waterfall.

As she felt the full force of the spray drenching her long hair she pulled him towards her and splaying her legs she pulled him towards and into her.

Their lovemaking was unhurried, slow measured strokes as there was no need to hurry. This was a new world for them to explore and they fully intended to savour every new experience to the hilt.

Inevitably even the most delicious of moments must come to an end so as they felt themselves coming closer to mutual release their actions became more frenzied until at last they collapsed into each other’s arms once more laughing as they did so.

“Do you love me then even though I am wet and bedraggled?”

“Lady you may appear wet and bedraggled but when I look at you all I see is the woman I love and wish to be with always!”

So laughing together the lovers washed themselves in the clear purity of the waterfall and afterwards lay down in the meadow in the heat of the sun cuddling up close whilst her underclothing dried upon her and talked of many things.

HBowt2 58F

5/4/2006 2:13 pm

where were you hiding...i just found the writing...

Wackytits 52F

5/7/2006 3:32 am

Mmmm...Sex and water...the best combination. xx

Wackytits 52F

5/7/2006 1:27 pm

All the best challenges are. xx

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