The Next Morning  

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The Next Morning

When they awoke the next morning they were both drenched in perspiration. And they looked at each other in wonder both remembering the dream as if they had actually been there together. And they looked at each other with new eyes and they laughed in wonder as interesting new possibilities sprang unbidden into their minds.

Now if they could actually make themselves come at will then was it possible to make anybody else too? And there would be no question of being unfaithful would there? After all there would be no touching apart from with their eyes … But that was for another occasion for it was time to get dressed and sally forth for another adventure.

Well that was the plan but the events of last night had taken their toll and what was a standard dress for breakfast and leave for pastures didn’t quite work out that way.

Neither would admit later just who had initiated it for it seemed a mutual decision but all she had done was to put on her black Basque ‒ you know the one with the opaque panelling that was so sexy ‒ and bend over near the bed to put on her silk stockings which inevitably led to very interesting developments on the bottom front when suddenly he had stepped forward to kneel behind her and lick her bottom with long languid strokes which felt delicious and sent her into paroxysms of delight.

And of course as she was transported to other places it wasn’t her fault that as he guided himself into her she matched his rhythm stroke for stroke cupping her breasts and pulling at her nipples whilst moaning ‘yes.yes’yes!’

And as he caught his balance his hands came to overlap hers to feel what she felt whilst slowly pushing deeper and deeper within her.

And it wasn’t she who withdrew and turned around with a salacious grin and lay back on the bed whilst guiding him in and locking her heels behind his neck. It was the girl in the dream made her as indeed it was.

And finally when they were ready they came together and hugged each other in mutual love and went to wash themselves again.

A little later they left the bedroom to return to the front room where the old man waited for them with a wry grin on his face.

‘Had an interesting time children? I thought you might. For some reason that room always seems to provide pleasant dreams.

‘Now you must be on your way soon as others are arriving shortly and it would not do to meet each other quite this yet so help yourself to breakfast and I’ll see you on your way.’

With they sat down and soon enough with a spring in their step they left hand in hand and made for the far horizon.

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May 13, 2006 11:53 am
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this what your looking for?

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this sounds very good.

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5/15/2006 11:09 am

London Wasps if im not mistaken Dusty?

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