The Exploration  

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The Exploration

But Master was not content with that position and turned her round so that her breasts hugged the table.

A moment of panic gripped her being as he moved purposely towards her rear.

“But Master, you know I would do anything that you ask, but not that, please not that way, I beg of you.”

“No Slave that is not my way either, you have choicer areas in which to sport.”

And with that he lifted her glorious bottom up and inserted his hardness so that she felt it between her legs making sure she truly felt his desire for her and her alone. In return she dropped her frame so that he felt her bottom as she bounced gently up and down laughing gaily.

When they were comfortable she reached behind her to gently encircle it with her fingers and draw it to her awaiting womanhood. As she guided it inside her, her muscles gripped it drawing it into her loving embrace until she could take no more. Arching her back she pulled in her abdomen and lifted up from the table until she was also standing. She stood there for a while loving the deep penetration and then bent forward to place her palms face down on the table.

“Oh Master that feels so good. Tonight I feel so horny.”

“So you liked that earlier, did you?”

“Oh yes Master it made me feel so special. May we do that more often?”

“Oh yes Slave we may do it anytime the occasion merits it. And now let’s concentrate on completing tonight’s adventures.”

And with that he placed his hands upon her firm bottom and pulled her further onto him and there began a gentle slow rhythm between them with him thrusting in and out and her twisting her hips in a figure of eight until at last they could hold back no more.

When they had somewhat regained their senses they stood up and inspected each other in their unashamed nakedness. All was quiet in the hall and not a sound was heard anywhere. It seemed that the Castle occupants had found other areas to divert themselves leaving everywhere for them to wander freely.

In truth her clothing such as it had been lay now in tatters at their feet and his was showing not much better repair so there was little option but for them to walk around naked. Safe he might be but uncollared she certainly wasn’t; so he attended to that important little detail before they set off.

However where before she paraded behind him, now she was held on a very tight leash so much so that their flesh continually brushed against each other’s setting off some very interesting chain reactions and naughty thoughts that they put aside for later.

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i am suitably warmed

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Very Very Nice

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