Something a bit different - Part II  

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Something a bit different - Part II

Something A Bit Different

The spiritualists work ardently through spiritual mediums through which they see visions and offer remedies to members of their congregation in need of solutions. These problems may range from their ‘patient’s’ procession of evil spirits, mother-in-law vexations, financial constraints, barrenness or the wish to have specific desires of life. The rituals involved in aiding such people include the spiritual possession of the chosen few by God.

When possessed, they have the ability to talk in tongues or speak for the spirits which make them go through a state of wild dancing and sometimes convulsions all of which are accompanied by drums. Though the new-age Muslims also harbour traits found among spiritualists, occurring in different factions but not to this degree and the same goes for the born-again Christians. But these traits are definitely out of tune with the traditional Islamic worshippers who are more concerned with following the Koran and its laws while the Christianity outside this part of the world involves mainly a process of prayers and songs with thanksgiving unto God.

Spiritualism is the heart and soul of the African religion. Our inherited practice equals the rituals of the spiritualists in the churches and mosques. This similarity brings one to conclude that the Africans have managed to transfer successfully the religions of our fathers into these churches and mosques. This shows that the African religion cannot be easily shaken off like the missionary teachers thought despite their notion that the African culture and religion is a backward retreat in civilisation

The African religion in their opinion was a pagan worship. But what else could it be to them: at least paganism is their own word not ours. Regrettably though, at that time we did not have an answer to them. Their converted disciples among us were numbered in their thousands. They succumbed, turning against their own and liaised with the British who were in power and in control of the economy and Christianity which was in control of education. In actual fact, the British did not give many people a choice, those who did not succumb were discriminated against and rudely shoved to the background.

The modern-day Nigeria has no religion of its own and ethnic and the tribal diversities do not help the matter at all. The economic instability has witnessed the dispersal of various tribes into urban areas, scrambling for survival. Religion thrives on poverty, selling hope to its followers at great cost. Every fellowship aims to eventually become a church. If you look around our society today you will agree that churches and mosques are the most magnificent buildings in our ghettos. Every area has more churches and mosques than any other institution.

Even in the Bible, we are told that God is omnipresent, which means, God is everywhere and if He is everywhere it means He can be reached anywhere, anyplace at anytime. It all depends on your religious background, your experience, your education and your personality - in other words -YOU. Freedom of worship, therefore, must be according to you and your understanding of what you feel.

Let’s face facts, Christianity and Islam are the last two religions to be introduced to man. The ancient religions of the Jews, the Asians, the Far East, the Africans etc are formidable and valid doctrines working well in their parts of the world. These religions formed the basis of civilisation as we know it today. After all, religion is man’s way of finding a spiritual link to his God. Surely reaching one’s God cannot be limited to one route, remember our forefathers performed miracles too. We are still enjoying the fruits of these miracles today. In fact, I would like to believe that if there is a Heaven and a Hell, our forefathers are all in Heaven, likewise all those of different religious indications elsewhere.

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Good post Dusty..

I'm going to suggest that you read "The African Origins of Major Western Religions by Dr. Yosef A.A.Ben Jochannan. The religion we call Christianity today..began in Africa. The Madonna and Christ were originally depicted as black. Jesus described in the bible as having skin of copper and hair like lamb's wool. The Black Madonna and Jesus..can be found in nearly every part of Europe. Jesus was not shown as Caucasian until..commissioned by the pope during the time of Michelangelo. The explanations that some have come up with to try to explain away the a representation of the color of the soil..or representing the dark night of the soul is BS. If you trace history of the people back to those will find the facts.

In addition..some of the icons..nearly all of the holidays..the stories..such as the birth..the death and resurrection of Jesus..are based on stories taken from other "pagan" religions. In some cases..nearly identical. There are at least 27 different stories of virgin births..all predating Christianity. The same with the crucifixion..and resurrection.

The clergy..were intended to be instruct people how to attain the skills and spiritual evolution to become Christ like. In this case..such as attaining "gifts of the spirit"..which includes "speaking in tongue"..and "discernment of spirits".."prophecy"..etc. The information has been corrupted and pre-empted along the fathers..wanting to control the populations. Why do you think certain books were removed from the bible.

There are unscrupulous people in all groups..willing to betray and corrupt their own beliefs for the sake of political favors and riches.
This is true in the area of religion as well as anything else.

I agree with you..the emphasis is placed on the trappings..the unimportant physical things as opposed to the true inner development of individuals.

I think..along with the magnificent churches..don't forget the many liquor stores you will find in the poor urban centers. After have to keep people drugged..and that they remain controllable.

There are still those pockets..those groups that practice the true "shamanic" and spiritual Africa..Asia..Europe..Australia..North..Central and South America..etc. The clerics of the major religions..have not managed to kill off the real knowledge. It is already being re-taught and re-wakened in many.


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