Saturday Early Risers  

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Saturday Early Risers

[blog sweetone244] sweetone244 - lovely use of irony.

Kofla_ Kofla_ - well we all know this guy, thank the Lord.

nokia76101000 Just an intro post at present

so_para_divertir so_para_divertirBilingual Blog - Brazilian you know!!

doubletrouble_hk doubletrouble_hk Look lovely ladies from Honkers. Nice Blog ladies.

Valdrane78 Valdrane78 Not blogging for a while but the guy's insane.

popbullet [blog popbullet]

DaphneR [blog DaphneR]
And just for the hell of it why not check out this lady. sultrybrunette1sultrybrunette1Great pic. Great blog! Good friend.

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