Once more he stood ...  

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Once more he stood ...

before the kindly old man who sat patiently awaiting to begin. Everybody had a different idea of what He actually looked like but all he saw was a kindly old man with a white beard and long white hair sitting looking at him and in those eyes suns were suspended and that was enough for him.

‘Well my friend here we are again. What progress have you to report?’

‘I have news for you Master, I have found another to share my quest.’

‘Well that is good news. You picked a very hard road. I told you that when you first proposed it but you were adamant. It is a glorious venture but a very lonely one. So have you told her everything? It is imperative that there must be absolute trust between you if you have any chance of success. She must know everything.’

‘Yes Master I know that and she knows what must be done if she is to join with me. I have told her everything. We know all there is to know about each other. She accepts me for who I am and what I must do ‒ we must do.’

‘That pleases me greatly. Now you have found her your burden will be eased. Your task still remains long and arduous but at least you will not be alone. When next we meet do bring her if she will come.

‘And now what of your brothers and sisters; are they to withdraw as they have threatened? That would be unprecedented! Never before have they threatened to withdraw themselves. Do what you must but make sure it is not for long. I will not have My children defenceless.’

‘Hopefully it will not come to that Master but even I cannot stop them if it is their will. I will persuade them to return as soon as Your children are made aware of what has transpired and why.’

‘See that is so. They may misbehave but they are My children and I will not have them harmed by my action or yours. Before you go ‒ seek out the others! They are out there, not just the one you have found. Seek them and they will know and join you. That way you will succeed. Now go my friend with my blessing and when you return I expect you not to come alone.’

The Guardian smiled ruefully as he left his master’s house knowing that he would never become used to such meetings with the presence that sat upon the Throne. No sooner had he thought it he heard a chuckle and he was enclosed in a loving warmth that strengthened him as went to carry out his duty.

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*gentle hugs*

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your usual quality. very good.

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