Ok you four - explanation time.  

DustyWidget 59M
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5/10/2006 4:34 am

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Ok you four - explanation time.

Thank you for your comments and my response is as follows:

catseyes23You have given me every encouragement since I appeared and so you were a given. And your blog is a joy to read. And I love you to bits as you are aware.

PurryKitty2What a woman. And so brave. Posts what others would shy away from. As she knows I have written her a testimonial. Why has nobody else done it before? Thinks - wouldn't it be great if everybody got amongst each others' profiles writing nice positive statements. And what do you reckon the result would be? And what would it cost to do that for each other?

DysgyzedWhat a lovely profile and blog. Knows what she want and will get it precisely because she suffers fools none at all. Lovely delivery and controlled sensual aggression. Very British in humour and language. Very bright sassy woman with hidden depths. The right man is really going to be in for a surprise - a loving surprise. Dys my eyes miss very little. Curse or blessing?


Me too..ya included me too?? ... with all these young gorgeous women??... OMG ...I feel so sexy right now ... thanks{=}.

What tommy rot is that? This is Dusty's blog where the rules are these:

We are all equal

We are all beautiful

We are all sexy

We all come here to feel good

We will leave feeling good

We will enter as friends and we will leave as friends - in blogland and in actuality.

We are all worthy - you may not come here feeling so but you will when you leave - this is why it was created. (You have all made me feel worthy by your reactions. I did not before)

You will be treated as you should be:
With probity
With propriety
Properly and

you mzhunyhole are one of the most respected, read and dare I say it loved women in blogland and you are surprised you were included? You are so hot you are on fire dear - remember that and never forget it for in Dusty's world what he shares is forever.

For the record I could have said that about any combination of any of you out there. It's a bad world out there - let's learn to make it better and then we can - together

Thank you for your attention.

catseyes23 61F

5/10/2006 7:45 am

Wonderfully put, Dusty. Love you to bits, too.


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