Musings of an Aries/Disordered Mind - Archangels  

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Musings of an Aries/Disordered Mind - Archangels

Those of us who are of the faith - or were brought up in - hear time and again of the archangels and we hear of three of them.

Michael - The Defender

Raphael - The Healer

Gabriel - The Herald

But according to Katherine Kurtz - an American fantasy author (she Googles) by birth and currently living in a castle in Ireland - there is a fourth which is never spoken about:

Uriel - Keeper of the Dead

Now I'm a seeker and being Aries have a very questing/suspicious mind. Couple that with being Bi-polar then there are few avenues my mind doesn't explore.

Lucifer is supposed to have been the most beautiful of the archangels and 'fell' from grace when he rebelled - or did he?

If Lucifer was an archangel was there a fifth or(see where I'm going?) is he Uriel?

Seeming to digress but bear with me ... Judas Iscariot's role in history is beginning to be revised - far too late in my thinking. Judas had the second worst job to do. If he hadn't done it who would have? And he kissed Jesus not to betray but to show him that he loved him still and knew his task. Without Judas where would we be today? (Atheists - will you stop cheering!)

No Christianity, no Islam and all the other offshoots for all their flaws. Started off pure and then the self-serving and vainglorious became involved.

So if you asked me which Apostle I would identify with most I'd say Judas. Had to be done and so was. Doesn't win any friends or peace of mind but it had to be done all the same so it was.

Returning to the main theme ... what is the meaning of life? In my humble opinion ... to progress! How you do that is the key. For humanity to progress and to go forward there had to be Watchers and Guardians and who would be the ultimate Watcher and Guardian but Uriel so a story was concocted to mask the purpose - a rebellion in Heaven and Uriel left to take up his new purpose taking with him the other Watchers.

Thank you dysgyzed this last bit just fell into place now from what you posted a few days ago. I knew you were enriching me there but didn't know from what direction. I know now.

The other Watchers are fallen angels, of course they are except they didn't fall, they came willingly following Uriel.

If there was a dirty job to do who would volunteer? The one who thought it was most necessary - who would take the hit, the villification, the opprobrium. I'd have done it because I care about humanity or is it just because I'm mad?

Back to writing rude tales for me.

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5/19/2006 9:21 pm

I never met a bi-polar Aries I didn't post!


alamo1235 58M
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5/20/2006 4:30 am

Very interesting.

You have me thinking. Not sure of your reason( as in your last question), but for whatever reason I did enjoy.

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