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She wondered through the market place, the basket held on her hip, and men looked.

Most slaves kept their heads bowed, never made eye contact, they knew their place … but not her. She walked, back held straight, she met every eye that met hers, and she smiled. She knew they could never take her; she belonged to one, and only one.

As a slave she knew men could pretty much have their pick, but for some reason, and she knew why, they never picked her. They looked her up and down, then they met her eyes and it was the men who bowed their heads and looked away.

She smiled to herself, for her Master was due home that very day. He had been away for such a long time, and her days and nights had been consumed with thoughts of him, every breath she took was for him, every step was a step closer to him, every touch she felt was his touch … and her smile was for him and him alone.

When she returned to her Master’s house everyone was awaiting his return, the best food was being prepared, the finest silk bed linen was placed on his bed … and she touched it, and as she did electricity shot through her body, this is where he would lay, but not with her.

There was no-one in the room, she slumped on his bed and cried. The pain of wanting him was nearly too much to stand, she ran her fingers through her hair … but they were his.

She closed her eyes and called on imagination … and her hands became his, her touch became his, and she gave to him as only she could, they became one as only they could. In the darkness of imagination two bodies became one, there was no-one who could say where one began, and where the other finished. Every tiny hair on her body reached out to him, welcoming him to where he belonged … she felt his hand lift her skirt and move aside her undergarments, and as their mouths met, his finger found her special place, she gasped, and his tongue circled hers as she came.

The sound outside the room brought her back and as she hurriedly arranged her clothing and straightened her hair, as he walked in the door her breathing was almost back to normal. She glanced at him, all broken and torn, his body battle-worn, and longed to reach out and touch him.

His bath was made ready and she watched as he disrobed, already knowing
every inch of him, knowing his smell, knowing how his hair fell … and watching him lower himself into his bath she came again. His head turned, and they connected, he knew. He watched as her breath came in short gasps, her hand reached up to her breast … and he smiled.

She watched as his head turned away, his limbs engulfed in the hot water … and his mind wandered.

He had been through many battles, fought many fights and had returned the conquering hero. But what price had he paid?

He relaxed into the hot water, every aching muscle relaxing at long last. It had been a long time since he'd been home … a long time since he had been safe.

Under the water his hand moved, of its own volition it moved to touch him, but it wasn't his hand. It was the slave who had met his eyes.
She had met his battle-torn eyes without glancing away, he knew he could take her, but could he have her?

There were many women he could have, it was just the snap of fingers. He knew he only had to snap and she would come, but that's not how he wanted her.

He leaned back as she washed his hair; she untangled the mass of knots, every touch making him harder. She knew her aching, she felt her need as she felt his … but she was Slave and he was Master.

He thought back to that place, the place he felt safest, and her hands felt safe. But he couldn't stop the hardness, her fingers massaging his head nearly made him explode, he leaned back, and at the point of no return, he looked into her eyes, and her eyes met his, she leaned forward and as their lips almost met he let go.

Nothing he had ever felt made him ready for her, she didn't need to touch him, she just had to be there. And their eyes never lost contact as he came, as he exhaled she inhaled and for a moment … just a moment, they became one.

She bowed her head as he stood from his bath, never looking at his nakedness, she turned her head as he stood tall, how could he not see how much she wanted him? Never knowing that he did.

The Bathroom


7/14/2006 10:24 am

Very erotic such a sweet inciting taste it leaves on you mind
It makes you hunger for more

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