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She walked through the leafy glade and couldn't work out why she was there! Nothing made sense, nothing was real.

At some point the weariness took over and she lay on the grass, there was the sound of the gentle stream, the nearly silent waterfall.

But that wasn't what consumed her, that wasn't what took her breath away. He did that, all on his own.

Unrequited love; the hardest kind. When you love someone more than your next breath, when you can’t sleep because you don't know where they are, if they are safe …

So you call on imagination to pull you through, you know what he does? He sets you free. Imagination lets you explore every avenue, every street; he makes whatever you've ever dreamed of come true. He makes it safe.

Who is 'He'? He's the one who can fulfill every dream, every fantasy, make every wish come true.

He is the one who makes you feel safe, he holds you close and you know … you just know, that he'll never let you go.

You look into his eyes and you don't see only love, you see trust. You know - deep inside - in that special place. Would he ever leave you for another? No, it's a stupid question. As you lay on the grass beside the gentle stream, and you breathe in, who is with you?

Close your eyes, your hand moves slowly towards the gap in your dress, your hand moves towards your breasts, your nipples erect, getting harder with each touch.

Don't open your eyes … feel soft lips meet your lips, gentle tongues meeting for the first time, the very first taste. You reach for him as he reaches for you, but you can’t touch him.

You wish him to kiss you deeply, and he does. You wish him to suck your breast and he does, and that's when you realise that imagination is the key.

Everything you imagine him doing, he does. So you keep your eyes tightly shut and think back to the days of Dragons, and Knights on white steeds, medieval castles … and wenches. And Once Upon A Time …

Dinner is Served


7/13/2006 11:50 am

wow this is beautiful.........Have had this dream so many times my self.........gonna have to post my version of it not sure if I have or not "Her Dream"
your muse is a sensual muse

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