Muse's Story Part Six - Oh alright then if you can't wait!  

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5/3/2006 12:35 am

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Muse's Story Part Six - Oh alright then if you can't wait!

She woke up laying on the grass, one hand cupped around her breast, her breathing heavy. She looked around her and saw no-one, but she felt a presence.

She rose and straightened her clothing glancing from left to right, feeling someone watching her, but seeing no-one. The waterfall looked so inviting, the clear water running over her naked body, cooling her senses was almost too much for her to bear, she looked around and she was alone.

Her dress came off in one sensual movement and in her underwear she walked to the water’s edge.

First one foot then the other moved its way into the inviting water, the cold water making her gasp and tingle. As she immersed herself to her waist she unhooked her bra and threw it back to the water’s edge; her nipples hard she lowered herself into the water.

She lay back in the water and closed her eyes, the sun glistening as it started to set. An arm circled her waist, and she heard 'Shh' whispered into her ear.

She felt herself being taken closer to the waterfall, but felt so safe she let herself be taken.

Sweet and gentle lips kissed her face and neck, hungry lips sought out her hard nipples and sucked on them until she could take no more.

He watched her, as he always did, and marvelled at the power he had over her body, how he could make her scream out, how she would completely forget to breathe in mid ecstasy, how she clung to him as she orgasmed.

She was his first thought in the morning and his last thought at night, she consumed him, and she knew only he could ever fulfil her.

He stood her on the rocks under the waterfall, her arms outstretched to the sides to keep her balance and he looked at her. Her head was thrown back under the running water, her nipples erect and he moved forward.

His hand moved to her pants and he slipped them to one side as his head moved forward, and as his tongue met her womanhood she almost fell back into the water with the sheer pleasure of it, but her grip on the walls tightened and she stayed upright.

Fox4aKnight1 43F

5/3/2006 12:17 pm

*G* ....not bad sweetie .....question did this really happen or is this a story you are writing.....out of a very interesting imagination?


7/14/2006 12:10 pm

nice so many people's fantasy to be under a water fall
very nice indeed

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