Muse's Story Part 4  

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Muse's Story Part 4

As she stood before her Master’s door she composed herself and checked her attire. A big deep breath and she knocked. It seemed that he made her wait an immeasurable amount of time, in fact had she been braver she would have turned on her heels and ran. He bade her enter. The door seemed to open of its own accord and she stood before him.

He rose from his chair and seemed to fill the room. As he got closer she felt her breath being sucked from her body. She couldn't breathe, and as he reached her she felt barely conscious.

She had waited an eternity for him, she knew him from every life she had ever lived. Every road she had ever travelled he had been there to guide her … she knew him.

And as the door closed, in the flickering light of the open log fire, she went to him. He tried to clear his head but he couldn't, he tried to make sense of what was happening, but he couldn't. They had become one dimensional.

He watched as she stood before him and undressed, somehow without moving, until she was naked. Her hands reached up to his face and brought it down so their lips met, and her tongue found his. She guided his hands to her breasts and he squeezed them hard, hard enough to make her gasp.

She undid his clothing until they were both naked, and they touched every part of each other. Each looked into the other's eyes and knew they'd come home.

He savoured every part of her, as she did him. Until at last they were ready. She had felt his hardness in her hand. She has tasted it in her mouth … and as he laid her down and looked into her eyes she knew it was time to become one again.

He entered her and they joined. His slow thrusting taking her to that familiar place they both shared until, her fingers digging into his back, they came and they came again, wave after wave until they collapsed into each other.

It took a while for the banging on the door to reach them and bring them back, but it came.

Neither one of them was quite sure what had happened, it didn't seem real somehow, but as she left his chambers without saying a word she knew this was just the beginning …


7/14/2006 11:07 am

love it
you hold your readers attention

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