I Was Delighted To Cum  

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I Was Delighted To Cum

-"Will you cum for me?"

Here are the rules of the game:

Each person of desire or victim who has been tagged has to tag 5 others... post your exploits on your place, mine and back at the original kaliedascope61 kaliedascope61
"Cum on Blogland."

catseyes23 contacted Dusty and as she asked so nicely this is what they did together:

It was funny how it happened really. Dusty was attending a publisher’s cocktail party, a function he really had no wish to be at but his publisher had insisted.

Meeting new people was not a problem after all he’d done that all his life but in all those cases he was reasonably in control. But here he had nothing in common with all the people here ‒ making sure they were seen braying at the latest unfunny jokes told by those who despised them for their pusillanimous attitude. This, he thought, had the makings of a supremely tedious evening to say the least.

And then suddenly his life changed and nothing made sense anymore. He felt a presence beside him and a very cultured voice say conspiratorially “I hate these things don’t you? Such tedium and nobody knows anybody. I’m Cats by the way. I know you’re Dusty. Everybody knows Dusty. You’re something of a celebrity around here,”

She extended her hand to greet his but in the ensuing explanation somehow forgot to relinquish it and moved to his side hand clasped in his.

Dusty didn’t mind, surreptiously trying to check her out without appearing too gauche. Cats, of course knew exactly what Dusty was doing as he took in her black three-quarter-length dress barely covering her stocking tops. She wore the obligatory pearls and looked simply ... stunning.

He realised he was staring and grimaced apologetically at Cats but she didn’t mind at all as she continued to look at him with emerald-green eyes fixed upon him and a quirky smile. She knew she had him but did he know too and if not how long would it take him to realise?

As he looked down at her he could see by the gap in her dress that she was wearing a Basque and as he looked she obligingly leaned forward. By the enigmatic smile she gave him as she looked up at him Cats knew exactly what she was doing and she confirmed that by pulling him closer so she could whisper in his ear whilst keeping a tight grip of his hand.

“Look I know it’s awfully presumptuous of me but I know absolutely nobody here and I’ve come all the way from Tokyo for this … would you mind escorting me to dinner … I’m staying here tonight and I’d be very grateful.”

As a pick-up it was absolutely flawless and Dusty could not object as from the moment he saw Cats his mind had turned to jelly and all that he could think about was her sweet body held naked in his arms.

In honesty Cats herself did absolutely nothing to deflect him from that ‒ when the table conversation came round to them she stepped forward with some apposite and urbane remark whilst Dusty was lost in contemplation. Every now and again Cats would lean forward to speak to Dusty and would rest her hand on his upper thigh. As she took her hand away she would accidentally brush his penis and by this time was in a state of permanent confusion and … erection.

Afterwards he had no idea how he made it through dinner but as soon as it was permissible without appearing rude Cats leaned forward and said “As I told you earlier I am here on my own tonight and I’d really appreciate it if you would escort me to my room. I hope you don’t feel I’m being presumptuous but I feel safe in your company and I’d love to thank you for being so nice to me.”

Well only a cad would turn down such an elegant invitation from such a beautiful lady so he agreed after some small internal debate ‒ for form’s sake ‒ and with her lovely hand in his she led him to her bedroom and with a beatific smile slowly opened the door and led him in.

What immediately struck him was that the room was dimly lit by many candles placed around the room giving off a very soft, sensual glow as was Cats as she stood looking at him.

“So you like me then do you?”

Dusty readily vouchsafed that that was indeed so.

“Well you’d better sit down then whilst I fix you a drink ‒ wine?”

So Cats brought their drinks over and as he sat down on the coach hitched up her skirts exposing her stockings and more of her glorious legs. And to his intense surprise and absolute delight climbed onto his lap facing him and put her arms round his neck.

“So how was I Dusty dear? Did I scandalise the whole table? Did you see their faces when I kept putting my hand there and when you were staring openly down my cleavage?

"Dusty dear, don’t you want to kiss me? I’ve come all the way from Tokyo to see you, you haven’t gone off me have you?”

And Dusty answered by taking her face between his hands and leaning forward brushed Cats lips with his own before kissing her tenderly long and deep enjoying her sweet, heady perfume.

For forever and beyond he kissed sweet Cats delighting in her response as she tightened her embrace around his neck letting him feel her nipples erect beneath the fabric of her dress and knowing they were excited for him … and for her.

By mutual consent they got up to stand in the centre of the room surrounded by candles and slowly they undressed each other, item by item until Cats stood clad only in her thong and he was naked.

And as he opened his arms Cats came into his embrace and he picked her up and brought her to the bed as Cats found him with her fingers and moved her hand up and down.

He laid her on the counterpane, lay down beside her and tentatively they began to explore each other’s bodies caressing gently, getting to know how each other responded. This night was going to be endless so no need for rush. They had both been longing for this moment and nothing was going to be rushed.

Cats reached for a pot on the bedside cabinet and handed it to him.

“As I recall your exact words were ‘And whilst I have a cunning and silver tongue my touch is golden. I will re-string you with a tenderness only found in legend.

'And when you have been re-stringed I will gently strip you down to your constituent parts and I will bring forth costly oils and unguents and tend to every sweet place and nook and crevice making sure that no tender place is missed or lovingly handled - from top to toe from back to front I will spend the endless time - and I will amply and most assuredly demonstrate your true worth.

'And then I will polish you til your inner radiance is apparent for all to see - if they were there and then and only then will you sing your songs and your voice will be sweet and range through the octaves - the siren's song and Dusty will be held entranced and will never leave for he does not want to and he will long to hear that song again and again and again. And he will because Cats loves to sing her song to Dusty because it is his song as much as her’s ... ’ Please Dusty I need you to restring me now as you promised.”

And Dusty took the pot from Cats … to be continued.

This was the original before Cats changed the names for her post.

Everything else will be posted later. I have to go and take a shower - badly. Coming Cats? Me too.

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I'd have chosen all of you ladies if I could.

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7/1/2006 5:34 am


tee hee

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7/1/2006 10:16 am

Beautiful, Dusty - No other words can I find to describe it!
"Cats knows part 2 is coming, just not when. lol"

Lol. I will wait to see what part 2 consists of - hope it is nice, just like you!


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7/1/2006 4:42 pm

okay here goes my 5..story to follow...

DustyWidget and lovemetouchme5 both sent me this challange/ tag so I'm passing it on to five challengee's I'm going to use the same 5 and one of them has already been 'tagged' by lovemetouchme5 so here goes, and this is also the first time i've tried that picture thing so bare with me ( and yes every pun intended)
The rules and the person to thank for this go back to kaliedascope61 kaliedascope61

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Okay that's my 5. I gave smile my way a break because I already know he is on one of the challengs and I gave Dusty a break because he has already posted!! this is going to be hard lol i'll have to ponder it

curiousinlorain7 59F

7/1/2006 4:56 pm

You are such a good author, is there anywhere I can buy a ready made story LOL you handsome rogue you

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7/1/2006 10:33 pm

Hey! Where did I go? Alright.....I see who's important now! lol

curiousinlorain7 59F

7/2/2006 10:21 am

well dusty, a lady always keeps her promises, and so do i

Okay, today is the day! Carpe Diem ... and all that jazz. I’m not only going to fulfil one fantasy but two today, if everything goes right. I mean, darn it, I’m in a foreign country I’d better get my fantasy done today! (The Brits may speak the language but rest assured they are foreign!!)

First make sure you can get the address of this place, business card would be best.
Ah ....Business card firmly in hand ....room ready. All set, ready to walk into this place and see what trouble I can find. Takes deep breath, firms up shoulders, pushes door open, walks in. Pause in the doorway, less for ‘effect’ more for adjustment of eyes from light to dark. Mmmm, what is it about the pubs in small towns in England that just seem like coming home? Okay eyes ready, scan the room to see several men looking in my direction.

Ah, there he is, sitting at the bar ordering a pint. Tall good looking man, looks British and looks like a writer. I slowly make my way over to him. As I walk towards him, he keeps his eye on me and starts a nice slow smile. I stand before him and smile myself. We stare at each other for moments, or hours, hard to tell it is intense. The heat has already started between us. I put my hand on his shoulder and say ‘Darling! I’ve been looking for you!’ He reaches around my waist pulls me in and says ‘You’ve found me then.’ I reach up and give him a long slow kiss that lasts forever. At first I can tell I’ve taken him by surprise but he gives into the kiss. Both bodies lean into one another and then our lips part with a deep sigh. We both rest on each other for a moment and then I pass him the business card and say ‘honey you are supposed to meet me at this address, give me a few mins headstart.’

I turn and leave the pub gleeful! That’s one fantasy done! A simple fantasy really, walks up to a total stranger and kiss him. But it was great, now I wonder if he’ll follow?

I get to the little clothing store that is the address that I’ve given him. The store clerk sees me and tells me the fitting room is ready for me and asks me if I’ve found my boyfriend. I tell her yes, he is right behind me, and if is on queue the doors open and in he walks! He does look perplexed the poor dear. I walk up to him and say ‘ honey I’m glad you found me, let’s go in the room and you can give me your opinion of things’ I take his hand and walk him back to the back of the store and into the dressing rooms. He still has that puzzled look until I open the door to the changing room. This is a palace of fitting rooms! Inside are two huge mirrors on two walls. There is a large chair almost the size of a small love set. Illumination begins to dawn on my willing captive and he starts his big grin. I close the door and he leans in for a kiss which we do. I tell him to have a seat and he does. I then reach for the items I had the clerk bring into the room already for me.

The same time I touch the garments for trying on, my captive realizes what they are and makes the appropriate sounds. I have a stack of lovely teddies and nighties to try on, and of course I have to get naked in between each item. He settles into his chair with the promise of good things to come.

I slowly take off my clothes and slip into the first nighty. It is sheer and very silky. It flows over my body and feels like heaven on!! I know I look good in it, I’ve already tried it on alone. I slowly move toward my man and ask him, does this one look good? He reaches out to touch and I say NO! Only look, no touch. But I move my hands over my body to show him how sensual this garment is on me sliding my hands slowly over my breasts so he can see how the nipples are getting hard. I then slowly slide it off in the same motion that I’ve used to caress my body and before he realizes it, I’ve taken the garment off and am once again naked before him.

Leaving the nighty on the floor I take the teddy in my hand and put it on with matching knickers. My breasts swell up over the top of the teddy making them appear quite ready for fun. Then I slowly walk over to him and ask what he thinks of this outfit. I can already tell he either likes it or he has shopped for bananas before he came in the store.
He reaches out to touch but brings hand back and looks at me for approval first. I lean in and give him a long deep kiss using my tongue for the first time then whisper in his ear, the hooks to unhook me are in the front, would you like to help me with them. Which of course he gladly does. He is so concentrated on the undoing of the multi little hooks that he thinks I am only steadying myself on him. But, in reality I’ve undone all of his buttons on his shirt and at the same time he sits back to let my teddy fall to the ground I lean back and take his shirt with me, timing it perfectly. He has leaned forward to undo me and I take the shirt off him before he sits back. He is amazed to see he is now topless, just like I am. I grin, then kneel down before him. I slowly, and with assistance, undo his belt and zipper. Exposing his lovely hardened cock. I slowly kiss it and lick it. I look up at him and his eyes are big!!! He wonders if I’m actually going to do this, here, in this public place. And of course I am.
I reach in and caress his balls with my hands while I slowly take all of him in my mouth. He is trying his best to be quiet but he reaches down and starts to caress my breasts and small soft moans escape from his mouth. Just as I have him very ready, and very hard I stop. And slowly spread my legs on each side of him in this huge giant chair and ease myself down on his nice hard cock.
His eyes get huge and a somewhat medium deep moan fills the room. We bring our bodies together slow and passionately. All of a sudden the realization where he is hits him and he starts to say we have to stop. Hard to talk when I put one of my breasts in his mouth and the other one in his hand.

He gives into the total act of unexpected pleasure. Our bodies move together like it’s been written to be so since the beginning of time. Both of us are hot and have sweat glistening our bodies. The smell of raw emotions filling the room. We try to keep our moans to a minimum remembering where we are, but we are unsuccessful I am afraid. We both climax in this very intense last thrust. And collapse spent and fulfilled onto each other both taking deep breaths, both trying to regain our composure.

Then we both grin and unwind ourselves from each other. He brushes my hair from my face and draws me in for one last passionate kiss. Then says ‘ and my mates told me Dover was a dull place to do business!’ As he gets dressed he leans in and says, keep the teddy to remember me by, I’ll buy it for you on my way out. Then he walks out of the room. I sit in the chair and catch my breath.

Then I realize all I have left of my fantasy handsome stranger is something he dropped on the floor that I’ll have forever...just a little tiny dirty Dusty Widget.

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