Goodbye Dungeon, Goodbye Lilith MkII  

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Goodbye Dungeon, Goodbye Lilith MkII

He woke up and stretched and thought about that crazy dream. What a night, what a dream. That had been sooooo horny.

Well he tried to stretch. Reaching out his questing fingers found breasts that were all too familiar but as he was questing he might as well check that everything else was as it should be.

Yes, stomach felt the same, down to mound - yep definitely his lover's but still not sure, after all so much was going on in this land that he'd best be truly certain so down into her cleft and ooh what was that let’s go see. She gasped as his fingers entered her. Oh most definitely this was his lover.

Leaving his fingers in situ just to make really, really certain he turned his attention to the delightful breasts his right hand had found.

Now these breasts he definitely did not know and he took his time familiarising himself with them feeling their nipples harden under his scrutiny. One thing for certain they were definitely friendly.

This augured well for the rest of her but for the same reasons as above he felt it was his bounden duty as the man to ascertain to his satisfaction that the terrain was free of danger so once again his fingers danced their merry dance down ribcage to stomach, through the friendly forest, down through the gorge and finally into the well of dreams realised. Now from this well he knew he had drunk and but recently.

Laughing he opened his eyes and looked left and right at the two naked women who lay giggling at him as his fingers remained within them. To be quite honest neither women looked displeased at how the morning had commenced so far. Indeed both had decidedly naughty expressions on their faces. It was looking likely that breakfast was going to be ‘unconventional’.

"Well good morning ladies, I see that two have become three during the night. Would someone care to explain how dream became reality or do we dream still?"

Lilith spoke, for Lilith it was. “I hope you don’t mind, sir, but I have been trapped within these walls for many years playing a role but last night was different, was so much fun, made me so horny that I wanted the dream never to end. So when it did I wanted the reality if only for a short while and so I came naked to your bed and watched you both lie in each other's arms wishing I could too.

"But now you are awake if you want me to go then I’ll leave. I don’t mind really.”

Well the lovers thought about it for well … no they didn’t they just dived on her and soon what had been the Dungeon was resounding to the joyous laughter and other noises usually associated with enthusiastic ‘frolicking.’

As he was resting the ladies asked whether he would feel left out if they indulged in a little bit of what they had done together in last night’s dream. And, of course, he told them he did - and the Dalai Llama’s a wookie! ‒ but, in the interests of research he would just this once let it pass ‒ just so long as every once in a while one of them, in sequence preferably, would check his progress.

And research he did. As women knew instinctively what felt good for them they could amply demonstrate on another woman. Therefore a male observer learned a great deal if he so wished. Obvious!!

Afterwards they lay wrapped around each other loving the warmth and closeness of each other’s bodies and talked about the future.

It was easy to decide that Lilith was now part of the company so in due course arm in arm they went to dress to leave what was the Dungeon no more but the road to hope.

End of Story Two


5/24/2006 5:52 pm

Oh my!!!!

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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11/1/2006 1:53 am

Ah, story two ends with a smile upon my face. No longer a dungeon but a safe haven for frolicsome babes in the arms of ole Dusty Widget.

I know not when you read these words but know that my heart knows love because I know that you are in my world.

L'Oracle de L'Amour

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