Evening Frolics - Lilith  

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Evening Frolics - Lilith

When they lay down together to rest in each other’s arms their positioning was deliberate with Lilith in the middle of the trio. Our hero and heroine had hatched a plan to really welcome her into their family and this involved her being there.

So in that manner they all fell asleep but Lilith slept longest - well she would have done if she had not been awoken by the delicious feeling that her earlobes were being nuzzled and that her face was being kissed. Oh what a lovely dream this was. And in her dream she stretched in pleasure but it wasn’t a dream and she couldn’t stretch. The biter … bit.

As she opened her eyes she found her new playmates held one of her hands in each of theirs and it was their nuzzling and their kisses she had felt and everything that he did she did too ‒ so if he kissed her eyelid so did she on the other side or vice versa.

It took them a long time to cover her face with their sweet kisses and then they began to work on her neck and shoulders as she tried to relax and enjoy it.

And then the moment she had anticipated, they moved to her breasts. Lilith could not contain her excitement as she felt two sets of mouths begin to lick her breasts and indeed they seemed happy to double team on one breast and then the other and then in a move which fair took her breath away she felt one tongue lick her breast whilst the other started to take that nipple into his/her mouth sucking and licking so sensually that she couldn’t hold herself back and came.

Then they swapped roles on her other breast as they licked and nuzzled and kissed and sucked as she tried not to scream with pleasure.

After her abdomen they turned her over and started on her back moving lower and lower until they got to her bottom and really went to town as she got wetter and wetter and wetter between her legs. Every once in a while a hand would sneak between them to tickle her as she opened herself to accommodate them, writhing as they moved down her legs to suck her toes.

And then they turned her onto her back and gently caressed a leg as they moved towards her mound and licked her slowly together. As she felt she could take no more suspense their mouths moved to her clitoris and one licked as the other sucked as her body bucked from orgasm to orgasm to orgasm. Then as she watched in a sexual haze they joined their fingers together and together their fingers slowly entered her finding her very important places to rub, to caress, to excite, to bring to shouting culmination.

And still their mouths and tongues continued to excite her clitoris. Lilith was sure she had died and gone to Heaven.

But finished they had not as our heroine moved to kneel before her face and looked down. ‘Your turn’ she said lowering herself.

As Lilith began to get busy our hero positioned himself before her and grasping his manhood in his hand guided himself into her. Leaning forward he caressed his love and in that position three became one.

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Doing Fine Sweetheart!

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You interested in doing some "He wrote, She wrote" stories together? I can be found at dewasweatyahoo.com. I'm into writing as well.

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Very hot!!! Will there be more?

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Is it okay if I say "Well done Sweetheart?"

{{ Hugs to Ya from across the Big pond }}

~ Sandi ~

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Why are you still here ? Get on the plane.


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