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DustyWidget 59M
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8/1/2006 12:31 am

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8/3/2006 1:23 pm

Dusty the Book

You couldn't write the book couldn't you?

You all know the reason why I am here. I had a story that I had been told was very good and the intention was to get published.

So I picked what I thought was the meanest, toughest audience I could find to test - Blogland!

And what happened next is the makings of a fantastic read. I will write it and you'll all be in it ... as it should be.

I remember being flabbergasted when I reached 1,000 comments. Then soon after 2,000 comments. And now even sooner than that 8 away from 3,000. I won't be able to tell who does it as I'm standard so hey I love you all and am so proud to call you friends.

I've had mails from Blog friends as they've seen me shooting up 'The List' and I have no idea at the moment where I stand in the world rankings as the counter seems to be fucked!

I treat 'The List' as a bit of a laugh between friends. 'I'm coming to get you!' And so it should be. And when you overtake me I'll be so proud for you. That's why I pimp new visitors. I was a newbie once and look where I am in so short a time. You can do that too! I want you to!

Angel thinks it would a great laugh if I overtook her and that's the way to treat the list as a laugh. It tells us nothing about the quality of Blogs below us. But as we all get around the Blogs we'll see.

So the photo? Ruby Tuesday. A poster from the Internet but she has a fantastic sense of humour and I am trying to persuade her to Blog. She feels she has nothing to say that would be of interest.

Bollocks to that little British sister. I say Blog On Roob!

What says Blogland?

VTLakesideVixen 60F
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8/1/2006 2:35 am

Hey Dusty--Let me know when you get that book published and I will go out and buy myself a copy. I'll then try and find out how much it would cost to post it to you and have you autograph it and send it back to me. It would be something I would always treasure Dusty.

Hugs to you Sweetie!

Gossip_Anyone 41F

8/1/2006 5:07 am

i think i'm up to somehting

Gossip_Anyone 41F

8/1/2006 5:08 am

if i wrote a book people wpould get lost. how about ghost writing for me?

mycin62 54F

8/1/2006 5:19 am

I'm almost at 3000 too!!!

angelofmercy5 59F
17881 posts
8/1/2006 5:31 am

Congratulations.....the next comment then should be the 3000th!

rm_sexxikritter 52F
2715 posts
8/1/2006 8:49 am

You were your own 3000th comment! LOL Would have been me, 'cept you're so bloody set on commenting to everything everyone says!

So, anyhow....Roobs, get ya a blog! Just write what you know and if you don't know anything, then fake it! Many do.

duststormdiva 51F
6854 posts
8/1/2006 9:10 am

In the words of keithcancook, blog on. My blogging days will slow down as school starts next Tuesday. Damn work it gets in the way of my blogging.


concupiscentKid 40M

8/1/2006 1:36 pm

That's some geometric progression
How long have you been on here?

2375 posts
8/1/2006 6:10 pm

Dusty, do you know that you were my FIRST comment ever? You and Amber were the first ones to welcome me to the blogs and you'll never know how much that meant to me. So, my overseas friend and partner in crime, here's to 3000 MORE comments! Love you baby!
BTW, I'm sensing that you liked my new pic? I'm getting these vibes....

curiousinlorain7 59F

8/2/2006 8:02 am

Been warned I've not commented on his blog enough.. dear dusty.. to keep up with you would be a full time job in many ways

IAmRubytuesday 55F
3193 posts
8/3/2006 9:02 am

Aw thanks - you are so sweet! Now if i was up to your standard.....I am thinking about it, but it just seems a bit like running down the street naked! Roobs. xxx

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