Delivery Night - For Catseyes23  

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Delivery Night - For Catseyes23

and together they dreamed …

And there they stood looking at each other inside a tent draped with folds and folds of diaphanous organza.

It was night and the inside of the tent was dimly lit by the glow from several braziers placed carelessly around the perimeter.

‘They’ were both fully dressed but how long that would remain the case was certainly open to question as they stood apart their eyes surveying each other in minute detail.

This was to be the ‘first time’.

Their eyes had pursued each other all over the campsite for weeks on end, drinking each other in from a distance knowing that they must find a time to be alone together.

This was that time.

So here and now they stood fully dressed staring into each other’s eyes - his bright blue, her’s emerald green - their gaze burning into each other, drinking each other in, the air electric with barely suppressed lust.

There was no time for what they wanted so desperately to do. Somebody might come and catch them and they’d both be lost but they could look at each other couldn’t they? No harm in that.

They moved slowly forward until they were within touching distance but they didn’t dare touch. Oh no that couldn’t happen, mustn’t happen.

All they had planned to do was simply stare at each in mutual love; in silence; that was what they had planned.

But Eros plays strange tricks on the unwary and so it was that as they stared deeply into each other’s eyes they began to imagine what it would be like to be naked together and if they were naked together what they would do and from there it was but a short thought to actually visualising each other ... naked.

And so it was inevitable that as they stared at each other their bodies stirred into full awakening and their eyes turned from mute adoration to full-blown lust.

She felt her nipples harden into full tumescence and rejoiced as his eyes fastened upon her bodice in response. She felt her womanhood open like a flower and her hands traced their succulent journey from her breasts to fondle herself between her legs, her lover’s greedy eyes devouring all they touched.

As for him the effect at the front of his hose was ‘prominent’ to say the least. And she in her turn stared greedily at that.

But they must only look, oh no not touch, that must never happen.

What had started out as innocent fun quickly took on far more serious proportions as they swore undying love to each other with their eyes, made mad passionate love to each other with their eyes and so it was that as they stared, panting with emotion, their bodies took full control and they both came at the same time collapsing into each other’s arms moaning with ecstasy. Big mistake!

For a moment they could not believe what had happened but before they could step back from the brink, it was too late and they had begun:

to kiss passionately;

to caress;

to undress;

to touch;

to explore;

to move towards the bed in the corner;

to climb upon the bed;

to grasp;

to guide and then

to enter

and as their bodies moved together in rhythm it was far, far too late by the time the tent flap opened and the King strode in with his advisers to find a common stable boy between the thighs of his beloved virgin daughter …

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5/13/2006 5:28 pm

He looks like the guy from the Italian Rugby Team, are you a rugby fan Dusty?

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