Build It And They Will Come  

DustyWidget 59M
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7/19/2006 4:25 am

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8/12/2006 4:38 pm

Build It And They Will Come

Welcome One And All:


redmustang91 redmustang91

shylena256 shylena256

robotdevil3 [blog robotdevil3]

ella1966 ella1966

kancana kancana

goddess1946 [blog goddess1946] Too much face not enough shower action. I know she's not new but new pic guys and she's burning hot!

slippery243 [blog slippery243] Great taste this guy. 2 posts 1 on mine. No Blog post yet. Please amend that so we can say hi'

ru4usinmd [blog ru4usinmd] Any ladies in Baltimore want to dress up?

And the daily award for the if that bloody woman turns up on my Blog again without posting a comment I'm going to scream award goes to wackyepp. Lovely woman. In the wet T-shirt competition final you know. Representing the Rest of the World!

Willing Victims and Competitions

rm_WackyEPP 52F
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7/19/2006 1:39 pm

Happy now?

You're lovely Dusty.

Wacky Jacky

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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7/21/2006 3:23 pm

What have I come for Dusty? Closes eyes and waits patiently...


SweetDarlinAngel 39F
2996 posts
7/25/2006 3:23 pm

    Quoting DustyWidget:
    Why if you'd like to lose the clothing we might discuss that in languid detail.
... hey now! I already came topless! What are you going to take off for me? (insert stripper music here) Angel places leg on Dusty's lap ... are you sure you're up for the task of seeing me naked for just a "discussion". *giggles*


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