Big Momma Blogland And The Killer Post  

DustyWidget 59M
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8/17/2006 5:48 am

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8/21/2006 8:19 am

Big Momma Blogland And The Killer Post

Oh look, wonderful Huny!
A woman so fine, ever so funny
And one we all love
Like a hand in a glove

Her name is a legend
All over this land
Her love she does send
By the touch of her hand

There's narry a post
That she doesn't read
And big up and toast
Whilst planting a seed

She's now done a thing
That's never been done
Of which we'll all sing
Oh Huny's the one.

Dusty is phenominally proud to present to you all:

The Killer Post: MESSAGE IN A BLOG

Nothing finer will be posted today and that it was mzhunyhole is such a personal joy for me! I love this woman beyond all reason but we all do don't we?

No comments here please. All to Huny! Let's give her the comment total she actually deserves. Let's see how high we can drive her comments today. You know she deserves this!

economickrisis 55M

8/17/2006 7:21 am

A bloke cant understand how MzHuny gets the stanima to visit 3000 blogs every day to leave comments but she seems to. Maybe thats where old baseball players go when they retire...they're locked in Mz Huny's basement and she wont feed em unless they send out messages for her

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