The Desensitization generation  

Dusty787 32M
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8/7/2006 11:33 pm
The Desensitization generation

I've noticed in the past few days that people now are far more relaxed about things we used to be super uptight about. For one thing, and maybe I'm alone on this, I love watching those police video shows.

I saw one last night about high speed chases and I found myself watching it, almost mesmerized by the chases. Some people really need to learn the key thing from those shows, if you're gonna rampage in a town, steal a tank. Somehow this guy WALKED ONTO AN ARMY BASE AND STOLE A FREAKIN TANK!!! Can anyone tell me where this bas is? I need to re stock my bazooka.....I mean.....LOOK! a distraction!!

I think the last few years since 9/11 we've become a bit numb when it comes to things like this. Look at CSI for example.

There are more gross things shown on it than most older shows. They even sneak in nudity on cable tv from time to time. It shows that maybe we're finally evolving from being such wussies about what's on tv, though it doesn't explain why we still coddle our younger children with shows like Barney and teletubbies.

Call me odd, but watching car chases I'm one of the guys that roots for something to either explode or crash into something else....perhaps I am odd....

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