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8/3/2006 5:02 pm

now that i have hopefully gotten some attention.

As some may know, Mel Gibson is in a tiny bit of trouble. A DUI and some anti-semantic remarks.....sounds like passion of the christ with booze.

But I don't care about his legal woes, I'm concerned for the impact this will have on his career, I really wanted to see a Leathal Weapon 5, right after Die Hard 4......holy sequels Batman!

Actually I'm not all that surprised by Mel anymore, he seems a little crazy. Perhaps he visited Neverland ranch and bought out Michael Jacksons leftover "jesus juice"?

I do hope however that he gets a real punishment, not a slap on the wrist for being "Mad Max". Which brings me to my point, which I do indeed have, why is it famous people get away with everything?

Look at Paris Hilton, but not long cuz she's scary lookin. She went from being just a whore, to a TV star. then on a whim wanted to do movies, so she called Rick Solloman and made a "movie". Then the week after said "oh no, my self made porn is on the net, whoopsie" and POOF, lands a role in house of wax. And what next? she bought her own record label to release a CD, how bad a singer do you need to be to have to BUY a label to put out music?

OK, so Paris is now a tv actress/movie actress/amatuer pornstar/singer and yes, still a whore....but that's my opinion.

The thing of it all is, her BF crashed his car ON TAPE FOR FUCK SAKES!!!(pardon my french) and got away cuz his little girl is famous.

It makes you wonder, how much can a celeb get away with, drinking, drugs, sex scandels.....and that's only Keith Richards. Some even manage to get out of murder, like O.J, that glove fit his hand before he threw it in the washer

All I'm saying is, who cares if yer famous or not, punish those that do wrong or force them to listen to Paris Hilton's CD.....personally I'd rather have the death penalty.

"I swear, I only had one ociffer Mr. Keg- Mel Gibson to the arresting officer"

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