Another Normal day  

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3/2/2006 10:58 pm

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Another Normal day

I've heard a lot about this spring that's supposed to be around the corner, speaking from the point of view many people in Kelowna have, that lil groundhog is laughing his ass off at us right now. In the last 2 days I've seen weather that defies season.

Mornings are cold, maybe a little dusting of snow on the windshield, but nothing abnormal. Around 10 or so it starts to get weird. there's been days that it will snow like there's no tomorrow, then switch instantly to HAIL THE SIZE OF M&M'S! to pouring rain and then back to clear and snowy. I, like many people, on the second of February wait to hear what the groundhog does out of curiosity.

I heard early spring and got a little giddy because it meant possibly breaking out my bike early and getting in some riding in the hills to shake off the winter blahs. But this weather has me thinking about camping out and popping off that lying little bugger next year. Though, it doesn't say much when a society of people who can send people, monkeys, dogs and god knows what else into space is still superstitious enough to rely on a super sized gopher to let us know when spring will be.

Perhaps one day we'll grow beyond the need for this yearly idea and move to an animal that can actually tell when spring is coming, like perhaps the weather person??

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