Life is good. I guess???  

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12/5/2005 4:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Life is good. I guess???

I am very dissapointed in todays tv. I agree that Herr Bush's Ideas lack the wisdom that his father had but these repeat jokes on how bad the Patriot Act is is getting old fast. I voted for the first bush because he ran the C.I.A. That means he had people killed publicly or on the side. To all members of are goverment THE PATRIOT ACT IS STUPID AND DUMB.

HOMELAND SECURITY is like unto the Gestopo

The Gestopo chased the
"great evil the Gypsye,Jews,The non avian, and any that disagreed."
There enemies had physical forms. I think and know that they were wrong. So DO NOT SAY A WORD. To all the nazies
I think you should GET A DUCKING CLUE!!!.
replace the D with a F
White Power? The eurpans spent years and pillageing each other. Pure white?? GET A CLUE The avian From alantis. Your listing to a sphyls maddend mad man with one nut sack. Under his rules he should have been first.

Homeland Security
" The Blind leading the corupt and the stupid"
YOU ARE CHASEING GHOSTS. A MADE UP BAD GUY!!! I want you to go to any large event and pick out the Democrats and the Republicans. I suggest the superBowl. on site.
YOU CAN'T CAN YOU. You are trying to make us afraid. That is wrong.
George Bush sr your son want's to be you. Tell him to give it up. Tell him to Beat his kids.

"I ask for your tolerence while I rant"

When we left this storie:
Homeland dipstick 0
DukeBlackstone 1

I suggest to all term limits and and money watch dogs on all employes
2yr 10 times = 20 a good penison and medical

6 yr 3 times = 18 the same for they have a harder job

Lobbiest have all monies accounted
There job is not to corupt a fragile system
but to give another voice for the people they work for.

I am going to write another BLOG that is going to make people mad. It will be called
"The right Targets"
It has nothig to do with this Rant
No politics just some thing that needs to be else has to be said right or wrong.

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