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I am going to write down some of the pages in book four they will be exactly as written.
Marci)AJ Although you will never be allowed to fulfill my Fantasy...
I would like to be chained or strapped,spread eagle on a bed teased with ice and roses.Then I want to make mad passionate love with me not being able to do anything but sweat and struggle.
Anyway,despite your slightly perverted side-you are a very wonderful person. You are someone who I feel comfortable talking to about anything.Thank you for being there for me.May your life be full of wonderful things.
She drew a rose on the page.

Beverale) To be swept off my feet by a man qwith a Rose.
Yes I had a rose in my hands bought the old adage
"15 will get you 20" Flashed thru my mind.

Michelle)A.J., This is going the most boring of all your little Notes,but I don't care.(you know me,always the bitch)You've always Managed to figure out exactly what I need at anygiven time,which could pass as fulfilling fantasies,right?you already know how much I like your hands,so I won't repeat that. However,you haven't told me what you like. Do I'm feeling a bit left out here! By the way,"Help,I'm falling" or "Save me,I'm drowning"?

She was my Girlfriend I still have strong feelings for and I beleve we are still friends.

Those came from book four the printing will be in Twenty two years.

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