tryed a sexual Ritual ?  

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4/8/2006 8:14 am

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tryed a sexual Ritual ?

tryed this ? deep ritual

6 minutes ago

well while its true that you don't have to believe in ether the soul or the gods even mother earth !

i say A: why wouldn't you after all all not believing means for you is no answers ! or even existence after death

B : try this sit down crouched and close the eyes sit listening to music preferably gentile and wait like this for 1 or 2 minutes then think of a pool of water this is rippling under a candle however the basine is dark and eternal.... think of this image for as ling as possible.
then say half way through great mother ? listen inward and then say inward and outward great mother darkness of thee eternal milk of nehnuuke beautifully daughter of Athuum ( gay long these things in reverence

bless me with your pressence bless me with your guidance and love

i accept thee in all ways even lover come to me

still with eyes closed bow the hands before your face
say thankyou
and rest as long as you like , do this every day
yes she answered
deep ... mun
deepp ... sleep!
found my navel !
felt it but the vissions was not strong
the body destracted me ( emagine it away )
i couldent feel it ( imagine she is stroking you all over )

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