Lickity Split  

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4/21/2005 4:01 pm

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Lickity Split

I don't know about most guys or girls for that matter but i love to eat pussy. And not just that but the foreplay that goes along with it. From kissing and biting the nape of the neck to caressing and sucking on the woman's nipples as i work my way down. Once her nipples are nice and hard i like to go and kiss around and belly button and then down to her hipss. Licking slowly following the shape of her body and making her want it more as i get closer. Coming down and spreading her legs and starting at the inside of her knees and slowly licking up each side. Taking my tongue and running long strokes on the outside of her lips and gently and slowly working it inside. Feeling her body move to the rhythme of the strokes of my tongue I begin to run it inside of her. Softly running it under her hood and over her clit. Wrapping my lips around her clit to caress it more with my tongue. As she cums for the first time I like to roll my hands under her buttocks and pull her closer to me so i can taste every drop of her. Speeding up with the flicking of my tongue to stimulate her more. I like to get her so rawled up she can't speak from intense pleasure that i am giving her. But i know im boring yall with this so ill stop for now but if ya want to hear what i do from there just let me know.


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