Last Words  

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10/12/2005 7:17 pm

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Last Words

This is a poem I wrote tonight for the thoughts on my head and memories that haunt my mind. I feel a deep darkened spot in my soul things that i can't bare and take anymore so get it out with the ways of writing to express my feelings. this is entitled "Last Words"

Suicidial thoughts linger in the back of my head
To my lord I pray i was dead
never knowing the things life brings
thru these words i express these last things
For all the nights that i shed my tears
to the blood that was shed from my fears
I feel the time has come for my death
these are the words that come from my last breath
Lay my body in the keep
And rest my soul with eternal sleep
I love you all now i say goodbye
With these words I finish and die.

Timothy L. McCain

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