Funniest thing ever  

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9/17/2005 1:58 am

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Funniest thing ever

I have a friend named Tony and we call him Fabulous. Well we were up in Winnipeg last weekend staying with a friend and then he left out Sunday morning and I left out later that day. Well our friend mandy called me today and told me one of the lil girls that live down the road came up to her and asked if she had friends over sunday morning. She told the lil girl yes and the girl asked was one of them famous or something. Well Mandy is now puzzled thinks who it could be cause most of the kids know me so she asked about Fabulous. The lil girl started saying yeah thats him and jumping up and down with excitment. She asked Mandy could she meet him and get his autograph. Mandy thought it was the cutest thing ever so she couldn't break the lil girls heart and tell her it really wasn't Fabulous. So now my boy has to go up there and sign autographs and stuff. I have been laughing about this all day because it happens so much. well thats all on my mind holla at ya lata.


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