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9/21/2005 10:02 am

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This isn't one of my usual post about the sexual side of things this is more towards the darker side of things. Since a young age I have had visions of people around me dying and they really come true. I can see how they die feel the pain if there is any and see thru thier eyes. As of the last say about 4 years the only vision of death i have seen other than my great aunt that passed away in 02 god rest her soul is the dream of my own. I have aquired insomnia from these dreams because the more i have them the more i see. The more I feel the more it becomes clear to me. I see it unfold all around me as if I am living it as it happens. I was told by friends they have have seen me wide awake talking to myself and talking about the end that nears my fate and I have no memory what of what they say. People have seen me go into seizures in my sleep on nights that i have had these dreams. It all started when i was sleep at my grand mothers house house one after noon right before my aunt passed away. It started off as a normal dream and ended with me swimming to the bottom of a river and into a bright light. The closer i got to the light the harder it became for me to breathe. I tried to wake myself up but i was just pulled closer into it. I finally reach the light and there my aunt is waiting for me but this was before she passed away and she told me it was not my time now go back and finish what I had started. The white light became red and it felt like something over took my body. I woke up gasping for air with a burning in my chest and a scar on my left forearm. Is this a sign or just a dream. I fill like my death is coming soon but yet I have something to pass on to this world never before seen. I don't know what it may be but whatever it is I hope it comes soon.

digdug41 49M

9/25/2005 8:42 pm

yo cain that was deep bro but dreams usually dont play out in reality so fast, at least in my experience so just go with the flow

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9/27/2005 10:24 am

I always wonder if the dream is real, and what we call reality is just a dream? Look how real the dream feels. And lots of times when I'm awake I feel like I'm dreaming..

People have written about this stuff a lot. But I don't think anyone has it figured out..

"Life is just a dream." Damn there is wisdom in that little song.

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